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Returning to work -ICD


Hey all. My boyfriend who is 23 had an ICD iserted last September and is almost cleared on going back to work. The issue is that he used to be a welder but has had to give that up due to the interferance it will have with the ICD. I guess my question is what kind of jobs have you found good. To say this has him stressed is an understatement . He is very dyslexic so if anyone has done any apprenticeships or outdoor work I would be grateful to hear about it so that I can give him some hope.

Thanks a million - Saoirse x

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Hi sorry I can't talk about work as I'm retired however having an ICD fitted does get easier with time. Mine is nearly 2 years old and I really don't think about it and it certainly doesn't bother me. He will get used to having it and he must remember it's his insurance policy - good luck

There are organisations out there that will help him re-train in to a new career. He will be classified as 'having been invalided out of his job'. I know that sounds rather brutal, but when you sit back and think about it, he has lost his job based on a health issue. It's not as rare as people think, though rarely to some one so young.

I'm guessing he is on Uinversal Credit or similar - so the Job Centre, or who ever he reports to, can suggest or refer him to such organisations who will test his level of Dyslexia and help organise training based on his abilities.

The other big thing he will need to learn to do is: surf the net.

I can advise that there are loans and grants to help him re-train because he is 27 and below. In fact, the whole job centre is geared up for help get people his age trained up and in to work... Says the man in his 50's who doesn't qualify for anything!

I wish him well - if he made it as a welder, he is more than capable of doing a raft of other jobs - just finding the right one.

Has he considered transferring his skills to non-electric welding. E.g oxy acetylene welding would not affect his ICD as it doesn't generate interference.

He could continue with electric welding if he wore a woven conductive vest effectively a Faraday cage that would stop all electrical I interference from reaching him. See this video for same idea used in live power line inspection

I would wager that the doctor saying he should not continue a career in electric arc welding is not an expert in electrical engineering and could be wiping out someone's career without sound reason when there are ways around the problem.

A radio inside a suitably fine metal cage or vest won't be able pick up any station because radio waves and radio interference cannot penetrate.

Just an opinion from a degree qualified electrical engineer and professional helicopter pilot.

Hi there,

I can't offer any advice regarding to work but please could I be cheeky and ask how your boyfriend has found the ICD? My husband may potentially require one and I am concerned what effect this may have to him. The potential diagnosis has shocked us and we are struggling to find information out.

I wish your boyfriend well and hope that he finds a new career path.

Many thanks.

Hi GreenMonday regarding ICD I had one fitted in February in and out of hospital in a day while having it fitted I was wide awake it didn’t hurt just felt uncomfy took about 1.5 hrs from start to Finnish came home followed the hospital’s advice about moving arm etc everything was fine the wound healed up no problem never needed any pain relief, it’s 4.5 months now no problems in fact been in garden to day shovelling soil ( arm and shoulder fine but my back is aching not use to hard work ha ha)

Hey there. Thank you so much for your reply. It sounds as though you are doing so well after your ICD. Its

great to hear so many positive comments, it has helped me put things into perspective a little more. Thanks again.

Hi Saoirse. I found this article - they seem to have done some proper research as they mention Medtronic (who made my ICD). They agree with Outofwhack above that your boyfriend could switch to non-magnetic welding, although they also stress talk to a doctor before taking on anything he's not sure about. xx

Saoirse2410 in reply to Alison_L

Thank you!

Have a chat with your local Further Education College to see what they have on offer, with a view to retraining. Dyslexia is a total nuisance so if he can get help it is a very good Idea. Try to get him active, if you can, to help dispel the stress a bit

Is he any good at carpentry ?

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