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Hi all I have had a ICD fitted this morning took about 1.5 hrs wasn’t painful being fitted more uncomfortable I was certainly relieved afterwards I was feeling very anxious before hand Staff were great nothing too much trouble.

Went in this morning at about 7.30hrs got home tonight 1800 hrs long day. But if that’s what it takes. Feeling a bit sore now but no more than I would expect from a procedure. I just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all staff at LHCH who have looked after me today


11 Replies
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Glad it went well, it will likely be painful for a few days so may need a bit of painkiller/paracetamol etc.

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Hi Dave

Glad it all went well today. They really do look after you there don't they!

Where's the picture of your x-ray?


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daveofpensby in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

Yep they really do take care of you. No didn’t get picture of xray

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Good to hear your op went well. Take care Dave. Zena

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Bit scary isn`t it but you`ll feel so much more relaxed about your heart now.If the site feels hot and swollen use an ice pack on it.Really helps.

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Hi the soreness goes quite quickly and it doesn't take long before you forget you have one fitted. Laying on your left side is something that definitely takes longer to get used to. Had mine for 18 months and no issues so good luck and definitaly a big thanks to all the hospital staff

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Glad it all went well Dave!!

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That is amazing! I say that because thirty one years ago in Germany my husband was fitted with a 'diffy' as they called them. He attended an outpatient appointment on 14th February and was admitted on the spot. Five weeks later after various tests and investigations he had his first ICD which was larger than a packet of cigarettes and really heavy. Two and a half weeks later he was allowed to come home. He spent almost two months in hospital, and so it is amazing to hear about your day.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

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daveofpensby in reply to Patsy10

Thank you

Yes as you say it’s amazing how things have changed

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Hi glad it went well for you as this is a topic that interests me too , as I am awaiting a date (should be soon) for my fitting of an ICD & I too am very anxious & nervous about this , I also posted my concerns on here a while back about it & got some great advice especially from Floyd so every experience of people who have had it done is welcome read to calm me down It was all good then ? Cheers

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daveofpensby in reply to Lurganspur

I was anxious about having it done, but believe me it was a hell of a lot better than I thought obviously you feel sharp pricks while the local anaesthetic is injected in but after that you don’t feel any pain. You do feel a bit of tugging and pushing not painful but a bit uncomfortable. Mime took about 1.5 hr all together. The staff were great really looked after you. Today it’s a bit tender but haven’t needed any pain relief since the procedure

Good luck and try not to be too anxious about it, after it’s been done you’ll wonder what you where worried about

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