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Hi this is my first time posting I have read other posts and see the help and reassurance that you give each other. I am getting a ICD fitted in the coming weeks and I am terrified of getting it done and can’t seem to get my head around the fact that I am going to have this fitted.

15 Replies
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It's not as bad as it seems pretty straightforward really worse part bout it is waiting to have it done had mine 3 yrs dont even know it's there lol 👍👍👍👍👍

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I didn't have to go through the wait, I had 3 days notice after a 2 week stay in hospital 3 years ago. The procedure is easy, and because this was in a Spanish hospital I had the theatre nurse chatting to me to improve her English all the way through.

The procedure took about 20 mins or so and I was sent home the next day.

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Dear Yoda128 - my husband found himself in a similar position, and almost pulled out of having the procedure, and then, afterwards, wondered why he'd been so worried, as it really was straightforward, and he was only in hospital a few hours, then home again. The wound healed quickly, too. I wish you the very best - I'm sure it will go really well!

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hi had mine fitted 18 months ago following a CA so didn't have a choice, its the unknown that cause us all problems but it really is very easy. Its done under a local and takes about 30 mins. Same sensation as at the dentist but not in the mouth. Don't worry it will all be done and dusted and you'll get your life back - good luck

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Hi Yoda128

I had an ICD fitted last August. I was initially worried about the process, but actually it was a very easy day, no stress at all. Here's a link to the review of my day I posted:-


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Thank you for all of your replies

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Hi I got mine last tues & I too was very anxious as Floyd & the rest of your replies will testify as they all responded to me about their experience it helped me a lot It’s more a case of you like me winding yourself up believe me I did & im the nervous type but it was fine painless but I won’t lie a little uncomfortable nothing you can’t handle took about an hour your looked after really well & it will be all over before you know it GOOD LUCK & let us know how you get on 👍

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I meant to say feel free to message me anytime as I do know what your going thru the waiting is the worse part !!!!

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Hi There,

Did you have your ICD fitted, I had mine done 10 days ago, and just getting there now, actually not to sore, I was worried about being awake but the medical team are brilliant,

Hope your ok xx

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Yoda128 in reply to Huskyboobear

Hi yes I got mine done at beginning of month. The medical team were fantastic I was having a lot of anxiety before it and on the day they calmed me right down.

Hope you are ok x

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Huskyboobear in reply to Yoda128

Yes I had my fitted 14 days ago, yes i`m not to bad now just a bit sore from where my CPR was administered and have a broken sternam and ribs lol im a wimp and found my procedure quite painful but im ok now bit weird its in but happy it will save my life, praying it doesn't go off lol xxx

How are you coping im a bit anxious xx

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Yoda128 in reply to Huskyboobear

I am ok having a lot of anxiety about it not helping with the virus now going round but just taking each day as it comes. x

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Im the same totally anxious, now got sleeping tablets, as I just lay in bed torturing myself, I am also conscious of exercising I literally haven't been out since I came out of hospital 2 weeks ago, but constantly worry im going to collapse again, I suppose we need to get confident with it, and that takes time, but its a horrible situation to be in xx

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Hope you all doin fine just wondering why did u have icd did you suffer from hf symptons thank you

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Huskyboobear in reply to Yasyass

Hi there, they don't know why I had my SCA they couldn't find anything, so gave me a ICD just in case it happens again, x

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