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Lansoprazole side effects.

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Hi I've been taking lansoprazole for about 10 weeks now as a stomach protector from clopidogrel. I've started to have some side effects which led me to do some research on lansoprazole. I really Don think I should be taking lansoprazole but thats a long story. Does anyone take clopidogrel without any sort of proton pump inhibitors. I was thinking that in theory if I took the clopidogrel after a large bowl of porridge my stomach should be protected. Any thoughts from experience or otherwise is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello I started on Clopidogrel last week and a Clinical Pharmacist has changed my Omeprazole to Lansoprazole as Omeprazole is not recommended with Clopidogrel !!!

I have been told to have Breakfast then take the Lansoprazole before all my other tablets ??


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LowerField in reply to Prada47

Villagelife I was prescribed Clopidogrel for one year some time ago and my PPI was changed from Esomeprazole to Lansoprazole before I started because of an interaction with the former. I still take 30mg Lansoprazole daily for reflux control, but not Clopidogrel. I had no side effects from the combination of Clopidogrel and Lansoprazole. If you believe you are experiencing side effects from any of the drugs you take, you should discuss that with your prescribing health professional e.g your GP.

Prada47 The instruction leaflet with Lansoprazole is quite clear that it should be taken 30 minutes before food. In my case I take mine before breakfast, but am not strict about waiting 30 minutes before I eat.

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Malthory in reply to Prada47

You should research Clopidigrel, I believe it damaged my lungs. It is a very powerful drug. I read it should only be given in a very serious situation. I was given it after a bypass and stopped taking it due to side effects.

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Chipmonks in reply to Malthory

How do you feel not taking it

I feel fine not taking lansoprazole 😊hopefully it will stay that way.

Hello :-)

If we are on a lot of meds it is always wise to be taking something to protect our stomachs even though some chose not to

I cannot take Lansoprazole 30mg and tried Omeprazole and that was no better so I went back to Lansoprazole 15mg and I seem to be able to tolerate that , I know it may not be the dose that is suggested at 15mg but it is some kind of protection

Also I know our Doctors can all give different advice which we should listen to and mine tells me to take mine before my breakfast they work better that way but maybe whichever way they no doubt will work

Keep working with your Doctor till you find one that suits you or a dose that does :-) x

According to my GP, it does not "protect" your stomach. It lowers the amount of acid in your stomach so that if you were unlucky enough to have an ulcer which burst, it would hopefully lessen the seriousness of this. In other words, it is an insurance policy. He was also very worried about the long term use of it and advised me he was fine with it if I decided not to take it, which I don't as I am concerned that it also prevents proper absorption.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Outoftheblues can I just clarify, so you take clopidogrel without taking any type of proton pump inhibitors? This is what I'm wanting to do. I will clear this with the GP 1st though.

I am just on aspirin now. Sometimes it does give me a bit of indigestion, but not often. If I know I have for example, a long run coming up or am going to have spicy food, I might take one now and again, but certainly not regularly. My GP is fine with this. They won't stop the clopedogrel from irritating the stomach, just hopefully reduce the bleeding if you had an ulcer which burst. As you say discuss it with your GP but all the PPI's give me side effects of one type or another, and as I say he was not happy about the long term use of them. Note also I am pretty sure you should not be taking Omeprazole with Clopedogrel either, if it is offered as an alternative.

I dont want to take any proton pump inhibitors fullstop. Thank you for your response.

We are all at liberty to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies and what we don't.

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Contax in reply to Villagelife

No one can force you to take anything but don't pass the blame if not taking makes things worse.

Thank you for the response.

No-one want to take medication to control health issues, I certainly don't. However when it is necessary it is invariably prescribed to make your life better on balance, where the benefits should outweigh the risks which often include managing side effects. But if you have concerns about any of the medication you take, you should talk to your prescribing health professional, and not rely on the opinions of lay-people who only have access to the internet and their own unique personal experience .

Villagelife of all the drugs I have had to take after my bypass lansoprazole was the worst and the side affects to me were horrible. Cardio nurses told me to stop after six weeks. I believe the recommended length of time to be taking them is eight weeks? Would be worth speaking with your GP. Good luck

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Villagelife in reply to gilreid1

Thank you

Same here, went through me like a tornado it was terrible.

I cannot take Lansoprazole either because of bad side effects. I take pantoprazole but have to take it later on in the day as I take thyroid medication (levothyroxine), and as it can interact with pantoprazole I have been advised to leave a 4 hour gap between the tablets.


I had to stop lansoprazole as it really affected my digestive system- after some investigations by a gastro doc my gp changed me to another pump inhibitor & things calmed down

I was already on lanzo before HA albeit taking it infrequently.Was advised by hospital to take it for protection to stomach.

Pharmacist dropped dose to 15mg a year ago ,and this year said I could come off it, but start again if problems.

I stopped ,then started getting rumblings of indigestion so started again on 15mg.

Hi, I gave up on PPI’s and now take Famotidine, which I find works far better. I do worry about the length of time you should be taking it though.

I had to stop Lanzoprozole last year as very bad indegestion. GP prescribed Famontide with which I have no problems. Have a good day x x

After my bypass operation I was on Clopidogrel for a year. Prior to that I had been on Prasugrel for 11 months, which had been prescribed following my HA and stents. I had no issues with either medication without a PPI.

In the past I had been prescribed Lansoprazole and Omeprazole by my GP and they both made me extremely unwell. Just one tablet has an immediate effect. I have similar issues with loop and thiazide diuretics. My GP declared me to be "a nightmare to medicate".

A nightmare eh ? Shocking whether said in all seriousness or in jest. Some throw their dummy out the pram when we don’t seem to be treatable easily 🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Nightmare indeed and matters have got worse in recent years! I think it wasn't said in jest as my GP is a bit of a charisma bypass when it comes to face to face encounters. My list of allergies and intolerances is quite long. I've personally extended it by finding out I can't take certain over the counter medications now I'm post heart attack/stents/bypass, whereas I was okay with them before. Some, such as cetirizine, have quite serious effects!

I'm wondering if the side effects are similar to mine.Because of acid reflux I previously had a different PPI, reacted to it and GP prescribed an H2 inhibitor instead. This was taken off the market at the start if the pandemic so I was prescribed Lanzaprazole. I began to get the runs, getting worse all the time, losing weight and GP referred me for investigations under 2 week rule. My brother died from bowel cancer. It then progressed to vomting, words cannot express the violence of that reaction. Having undergone full investigations including colonoscopy and gastroscopy, I put 2 and 2 together and worked out it was Lansaprazole. Miraculously all symptoms when I stopped taking it.

At the end of the day, no matter what tablets you take or don't take, there are side effects or consequences.Take the pills and risk the side effects, don't take them and risk a further heart episode and/or death!

I know which route I choose and why I choose it.

Sorry but I don't agree they are the only choices! There are usually more than one kind of medication ie different statins, different thinners different betablockers, rather than stop mix and match until you find the kind that works. It doesn't need to be a death sentence if you don't take the medication you are initially prescribed there is always an alternative.

I’m on Clopidogrel and Lansoprazole. Like you I had to come off the Omeprazole. It is not recommended to take Lansoprazole for too long. However I found that without using it I suffered badly. I discussed further with my GP and he said to continue with it. I’ve been on Omeprazole and now Lansoprazole for ages. No side effects.

I’m on various medication including Statins.

Yes there are side effects by the use of statins. Such as the loss of muscle power.

Check again with your GP and your Pharmacist who are usually well acquainted with medication advice.

I came off Lansoprazole because it was causing serious upset tummy symptoms - really dramatic !!Within a day of stopping it - no symptoms !

I had been on it for 3 months and the situation was getting worse daily - checking the side effects and this was one ; so rather than protecting my tum it was being too vigilant!!

Spoke to the doctor she agreed come off it - but I had a colonoscopy just to be sure and all good .

I’m not taking another similar drug just heart and blood pressure and all is well .

I think meds change as you take them and one size does not fit all - always chat with the GP first though before you make any changes !

Good luck !

I went onto clopidogrel and aspirin last year for stent op, terrible stomach issues even after the one month of aspirin was stopped so they gave me Lanzoprozole, didn’t help. I managed to convince the cardiologist to drop the clop and lanzoprozole and reinstate the aspirin. Stomach issues receded. However, I am also on an anticoagulant so this probably swayed their decision in terms of it being a safe manoeuvre.

Hi I was taking Clopidogrel for many years without taking tablets to protect my stomach. Indeed it was never suggested by my Cardiologist and GP that I should do so. I never experienced any side effects. I am now taking Rivaroxaban which my Cardiologist considered more protective for Atrial Fibrilation.Good Luck!!

Lansoprozole I believe is the only PPI that doesn't affect Clopidogrel efficacy. I took Clopidogrel for 5 years without a PPI, but when I reached 65, my GP strongly advised the inclusion of Lansoprozole... Talk to your GP, if you strongly feel you don't need the PPI, he may agree, or explain why you need to remain with it?

Hello - - I was never on Clopidogrel but found in hospital that Lansoprazole always seemed to make me slightly queasyso stopped it early on and felt better. I prefer to take medication with food (oats/fruit or plain yoghurt) each morning . After two years have had no need to take it and find real foods like these seem to work to line my stomach.

I went onto Lansoprazole but only for a month whilst prescribed aspirin. Am also on Clopidogrel for a year but the Lansoprazole stopped once the aspirin did - does make me wonder when I hear this

Hi I have started having Lamprazole morning and night, only been on the night one about 4 weeks , I wake up with stomach ache and need to go to the toilet straight away, are these the symptoms you are getting.The only medication I am on are Peptac acid and Analdronic acid once a week for Osteoporosis. TIA

So, lots of varied replies and opinions here and all of them perfectly right for the person concerned!! I don't know what side effects you are having with the clopidogrel? I dont have any. I used to take omeprazole until I read on this forum that it shouldn't be taken with clopidogrel? When I spoke to my GP she said it was vital for my heart health that I continue clopidogrel. In her opinion all of them may present some kind of reaction with clopidogrel!! The safest is pantoprazole but apparently it is very expensive to prescribe. I asked to be changed to lansoprazole. I recently had a face to face review with my cardiologist and he said that clopidogrel is the safest anti platelet drug to use!! Every one is different and all professionals have different opinions too. If you feel uneasy on this drug speak to your GP and ask if you can try something else. Good luck

Hi, three weeks after having a heart attack and two stents fitted I started having stomach pain and the shakes I can honestly say I thought I was dying having never experienced anything like this before but after a visit to a&e they explained that it was the acid from all the tablets that I was taking making me feel bad. However when I left hospital one of my prescription items was peptic in a large bottle it is basically gaviscon to counteract the acid in my stomach. I started taking this at first in the morning and last thing at night but found that especially at night it made me feel as though I didn't know whether I wanted the toilet or not so I stopped taking it and that's when I started feeling bad. Lansaprozole has been a saviour at the moment after a bit of tweaking told by my doctor to take that first about 10 mins before breakfast then after breakfast all the other tablets aspirin, Clodiprogrel, Bisoprolol, Isosorbide Mononitrate and I would take my Ramipril and statin at night. After 12 months of taking Clodiprogrel I was taken off it as the doctor stated that it is there to protect the stents within the first twelve months and I am fine. I tried stopping the Lansaprozole but due to all the other acid tablets I was taking it made me feel bad again so I carried on taking it. But as far as your question goes I was given peptic peppermint liquid from the hospital but I never really got on with it.

Hi, I have just had a triple bypass and AVR 6 weeks ago. I take Pantoprozole in the morning along with my other meds and all, is fine. I should say I live in France and am under the care of the French Healthcare System in CHU Brest.

I thought Lansoprazole was to to be taken before breakfast. Have breakfast then take other meds. That's what I do.

I've been taking it for years. My GP prescribed one a day. I am now taking one a week, and for me that works fine. Try taking it less often. I'm grateful for the reminders here that we should take it 30 minutes before breakfast. That fits in well with my Sunday schedule, when I have to inject after the product has come up to room temperature. While I'm waiting for that, I cook myself my once-a-week fry up.

These things are very subjective. The effects of drugs, their side effects, and even our individual attitude towards them.

In my 40s I was prescribed branded Lipitor statins for cholesterol because of my family history. I didn't like the idea of taking pills at all, but I was sort of ok on them and I stuck with them despite my reluctance. A few months down the line they changed the prescription to a generic, presumably to save money. These tablets made me feel grotesque.

Because of my disdain for taking the things in the first place, instead of going back and demanding the Lipitor ones, I stopped them altogether and immediately felt well again. I was pleased with myself.

Over 20 years, a heart attack and a triple bypass later, I wonder if I did the right thing. It would appear not, but on the other hand, I had those 20 years of unmedicated, high quality active life, so who is to say? Now, I have to take the damned things as well as aspirin and Lansoprazole. I also take a magnesium supplement for ectopic beats. Even now, I'm not crazy about taking tablets and would get off them if I could. At least I'm quite active, and I'm not taking the 10 types of pill a day that I was on discharge from hospital.

You make your decisions and you live with the consequences for better or for worse. Nobody has a crystal ball on how it will turn out, and especially not for a given individual.

Your last paragraph is so true, at the end of the day we do have to make our own decisions and hope we make the right ones. Can I ask what magnesium supplement you take please, is it one thats prescribed? I know there are several different supplements.

Hi Villagelife. Nothing special. It's just the Tesco one. Cardiologist suggested it, but apparently GPs don't prescribe it.

Ok thank you .

Well, I think there are a lot of good responses to your post and it just goes to show that everyone is different. Drugs affect people differently and what works for one person may have an adverse effect for another. I'm not sure where that leaves you in terms of decision-making, but I'll throw in my two penn'orth just for good measure.Based on my experience, both aspirin and clopidogrel can cause stomach/GI tract issues if there's sensitivity to either. Aspirin particularly in my case. I was prescribed both together at one stage. That was interesting. First, I was given omeprazole, which contra-indicates with clopidogrel, so I was switched to lansoprazole. Then things got really weird. My heart (which murmurs) seemed to react to the lansoprazole with ectopic beats, arrhythmia and rate changes. It turns out that lansoprazole can affect magnesium levels; it affected mine and altered my heart rate as a result. It was unpleasant to say the least. All was better, heart-rhythm wise, once the lansoprazole was stopped.

That left me with a problem regarding the dreaded aspirin and clopidogrel without a protective PPI. I was assertive about my concerns and as a direct result one or two specialists had a discussion and switched me to apixaban, which is much better for me. No PPIs needed anymore and no stomach upsets or adverse heart rhythm effects.

However, I am conscious of the impact that any drugs can have on the stomach/GI tract. Every morning, I take 5g (one heaped teaspoon) of L-Glutamine in cold water at least 30 mins before eating/drinking anything else. It's a natural amino acid that is good for a leaky (acid) gut. It re-lines the GI tract with mucus. Basically, the digestive system loves it. Here's more info about how it works:

Nature's Best product can be found here:

It's important to take the powder formula in water, definitely not the tablets, and to ignore the 'training high intensity' info. That's an alternative use for L-Glutamine and not applicable when it comes to leaky gut.

You might care to give L-Glutamine a try and see how it goes.

Of course, check with your GP/consultant beforehand to make sure they're aware and comfortable with this suggested regime. Take their advice in preference to mine!

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Villagelife in reply to bridgeit

Than you for your response and the links, I will check them out. I share some of the same concerns as you regarding taking clopidogrel without ppi but also the fact they deplete magnesium levels.

Hi, I was put on Clopidogrel a few years ago after a heart scare when I was in hospital. I was probably on ranitidine then and even with the stomach protection I suffered badly with gastric burning which was unbearable. On advice of my GP who also contacted the hospital, I was told to stop the Clopidogrel after a few weeks. I have to take a small dose of Lansoprazole daily anyway and it works for me. My gastroenterologist prescribed it,have no probs at 15mg daily.

Would advise you to speak to GP or whoever prrscribed both drugs, but you will probabaly need some form of stomach protection with Clopidogrel.

Best of luck.

Hi.On This Morning a couple of years ago, Dr Steele said that PPI's should be replaced with H2 inhibitors because of the effects especially for over 75s.

I had Lansoprazole 15mg a day given to me because I was given aspirin after my aortic dissection operation. I was taken off the aspirin but nothing was said to stop the Lansoprazole. After what Dr Steele said on the tv I wanted to come off the PPI as I had been on them for four years. I first started trying to stagger the use of them and take about 1 a week now. If I leave it any longer I get terrible indigestion. I really do want to come off them completely though so will see what my GP says.

Good luck

Famotidine is an alternative- not a PPI.

Hello I used to be on lansoprazole but really didn't get on with it and asked if I couldn't have something else, I now take famotidine 1 tablet in the evening which seems to work better good luck

I also stopped taking lansoprazole and take clopidogrel after porridge oats without any problems or side effects

Hi thank you for your response. Its good to hear that some people are taking clopidogrel without ppi's and arent having any problems.

Hi I had angina and had four stent's I was put on Aspirin, bisoprolol, clopidogrel and stations I have been on these meds for three years now. A year ago I was prescribed lansoprazole to counter the acid of Asperin and clopidogrel but it gave me bad stomach so came off but still on other four meds.

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Villagelife in reply to Danny462

Thank you 😊

Hi, just to add that I have been on Clopidogrel for 4 years now without taking any PPI's with no problems experienced

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Villagelife in reply to Kingsmil

Thank you 😊

I had two stents fitted in Feb 21 followed by one more in May21. Prescribed Lansop, Clop, Rami, Atorvastatin, beta blocker and aspirin. Clop stopped as only supposed to be for 12months and thus have stopped the Lansop. Now suffering very acid stomach at times, managing to control by diet a bit and hoping it will settle down over time, putting it down to withdrawal. Also stopped the beta blocker as didn't think I needed it and so far so good. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice around reading some of the replies below. I was advised to take the lansoprazole 15 mins before eating anything in the morning.

Hi I think different people have different experiences and its interesting to read about these. I was told to take lansoprazole 30mins prior to food. Im currently trying clopidogrel without the lansoprazole but Im constantly monitoring how I feel in case I've made the wrong choice. I have a large breakfast 1st. I did some research and it did say it can take 7-14 days before your stomach acid returns to normal. Im eating foods to try and restore my gut microbiome. Hopefully you are able to manage your acid stomach with diet and that you see an improvement over time.

I was on Clopidogrel for 4 years and was never put on Lansoprazole or Omeprazole, I was put on Lansoprazole last October when I was taken off Clopidogrel and put on a different thinner. Sometimes the way medication is given makes no sense!!

You are so right there. Thank you for that information.

Agreed. Pharmacy wanted to increase my beta blocker as a routine matter until I told them that my pulse rate was 40 - 45 bpm.

Its a good job you keep an eye on it. Its definitely important to be aware of any changes that don't seem right.

I had a HA in January 2020 and amongst other meds, I am on Clopidogrel for life and Lansoprazole 30mg daily. With the help of my GP, I lowered the dose to 15mg daily, but had severe stomach pain as a result of acidity and had to up the dose to 30mg again. Just in case it was a coincidence, I tried this again a few months later. The same thing happened again, so I now take the larger dose of Lansoprazole. However, I have also recently had bouts of stomach pain whilst on the 30mg, so my GP advised me to split the dose into 2x15mg daily, as she believes that it works better this way. This seems to be working better so far. I take 1 dose in the morning before breakfast and 1 before my evening meal. (half hour to an hour before eating). We are all different, and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I wish you luck in finding a solution to your problem.

Thank you. It definitely sounds like you need the lansoprazole. Today is the 4th day without taking lansoprazole, so far so good. For me it's the long term effects of the lansoprazole which concern me .

Fingers crossed, you'll be OK without taking it 🤗

🤞🤞thank you 😊

I had triple heart bypass 2001 All OK.untill 2 years ago I had HA I spent 5 days in hospital. Had all sorts of tests .They said my arteries were to weak to put stents in so I have medication for life. Clopidogrel was stopped after12 months so that left me with asperin, bisoprolol, ezetimibe, atorvastatin and lansoprazole, and spray. Other meds too eg antidepressants. Just doing my best to have exercise and eat sensibly x

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Villagelife in reply to

I hope the medication along with exercise & healthy eating is successful 😊

Thank you x

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