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Hi all well I’v set up a you tube page for my transplant Journey. I would really appreciate it if some of u could join

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I've just subscribed:)

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Cat04 in reply to Sunnie2day

Hi Sunnie x

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Sunnie2day in reply to Cat04


Thank you Sunnie

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DaveSpice in reply to Sunnie2day

Losing weight slowly is a very good idea so keep it up. Stay away from all processed foods and certainly anything labelled "low fat". Keeping sugar to a minimum and carbs which turn to sugar and always organic. Find an appropriate exercise regime for your condition to get/stay healthy, this should include stretches, maybe yoga and some which can be dones seated. You are also doing the right thing with this, learning and keeping busy, that has been my attitude since my heart attack, being positive and proactive. So you are doing many of the right things, you will get there.

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Sunnie2day in reply to DaveSpice

I think you meant that for Tori - great advice, though:)

Hi Tori, I've subscribed, wish you well with your journey. Sending hugs x Sheena x

I've liked & subscribed. Lovely to see you and I'll be with you all the way. You dont get rid of me easily 😂😂😂As always, lots of love & hugs xxxxx

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buddy2blue in reply to Cat04

Thank you it will be Nice to have you with me on my journey xxx

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Cat04 in reply to buddy2blue

Love our little chats 😊 xxx

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buddy2blue in reply to Cat04

Me to Cat xxx

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Handel in reply to buddy2blue

Hi Tori. I've just liked and subscribed. I'll follow you right the way through and beyond!!Take good care of yourself. You look amazing!! Jan xxxxx

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buddy2blue in reply to Handel

Thank you so much Handel xxxx are so brave and I wish you all the very best 😊

Thank you Maisy

A bit posh Tori 😂😂😂 I've subscribed, great to be with you on an epic journey 😊😊

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buddy2blue in reply to Wooodsie

Thank you. I’m now at 10 Subscribers and I hope it keeps on growing

Liked and subscribed, Tori. Well done. 😊

Hi Tori, I've subscribed.Well done on all your efforts...fantastic stuff.😀

I'm following you good luck on your journey back to full health

Morning Tori,

Have just subscribed, will follow your journey.

Sending you love and hugs.

Pauline xxx

Joined - good luck

Subscribed brave lady, nice to meet you, good luck with the journey. Well done for the changes you’ve made so far, that can’t have been easy! xx

I'm now subscribed & following you Ms. Tori !! Many applause 👏👏👏for your goals getting done Look up Dr.Sara Gottfried on hormones & effects on weight. Helped me a lot. Greetings from NE Ohio USA BIG HUG!!🤗🥰🤗

Hi beautiful brave girl I am now following you on youtube, you don't get away from me that easy. Take care.


Well done I've subscribed it will help a lot of people I should have done something similar but with a livertransplant

Blinking heck Tori, beauty and brains, I wouldn't have known where to start. xxxxRuth

I have subscribed and commented all the best lewis

Subscribed. Wishing you the very best of luck 💐💐

Im subscribed - best of luck

Hi Tori, I've been reading your posts for a long time. Good luck for your up and coming adventure. I've Liked and subscribed.

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buddy2blue in reply to AndtH

Thank you I really appreciate that

Hiya and welcome to the forum:)

Oh Tori buddy2blue you are a tooper!! Well done for sharing your story!

Just seen your You tube video, & subscribe to it. All the best xx

I've liked and subscribed. Here's hoping for a smooth journey.

Thank you xx

I`ve subscribed.What a good idea and nice to meet you on camera Tori.You`ll get there👍👍👍

Thank you I really appreciate that xxx

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