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Why does a BHF and our lovely help and advisory group who are trying to help and console each other with such condition such as MVD, Vasospasms, Heart Valve issues along with other serious heart conditions, have to discuss Pizzas and Covid issues. Please do not insult each other and stick to the procedures and subjects that help heart patients help each other and of course comfort each other. Maybe there is a Pizza and Covid forum for you to spar on.

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Well said Smileyian. Seems like a lot of people with a social axe to grind release their frustration on here. But why on earth do the moderators on this site allow this nonsense to go on!?


Yet you stopped read the post and replied on it 🤷‍♀️

Correct. As a 77 Year old on a heart forum it is naturally I wondered why food issues such as Pizza and Covid preferences were being discussed. I have no issue with the subject matter on the correct advice forum.

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bantam12 in reply to Smileyian

The post was meant to be lighthearted but then antivaxers jumped on board so obviously things progressed but as has been said a million times before if the subject isn't of interest we do have the option to not read or respond 🙂

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Smileyian in reply to bantam12

Then I will politely thank you for your advice and move back on to the important heart discussions. God Bless you.

But that was exactly the point Ian, there is a definite link between diet and heart disease which is why I was being a bit tongue in cheek with the post. Seemed to provoke some interesting replies I think? Surely we do not have to stick 100% to the script all the time, this is a community after all. Have you never had such discussions in the pub? You could argue this post you have started is not related to heart disease? I don't think there was much disrespect shown really, just conflicts of opinion, that's life eh?

Ok thank you. Keep getting good treatment and improve. I think it was on the Prinzmetal / Spasms site that we were told to stop flooding the forum with Covid related msgs as it was for heart related matter. No problem I must keep quiet and not poke my nose in....not a problem at all. Ok time for beetroot juice and 3 sticks of celery. 😀

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MichaelJHHeart Star

HU actually closed the "Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation" forum because of numerous irrelevant and abusive posts. I was a member but rarely posted and often wondered why so many posts were even allowed.

I hold up my hand to Pizza posting Ian! I think the problem is any slight mention of CovID causes the anti-vaxxers to crawl out from under their respective stones!

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Smileyian in reply to MichaelJH

As I know England respects complete freedom of speech and I see you contribute often and with great interest to us all. As you know, I have not lived in UK for 25 years henc may I, in the spirit of free speech say that I personally do not think the BHF forum is a place for Members to offer disrespect to each other over issues of Free Pizzas or the issues surrounding Covid preferences. I understand there are forums where Covid views are most welcome and offer combative yet friendly theatre. I hope you have made satisfactory progress as I see you have been moved into care. I send you my best wishes from a stormy Singapore. xx

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RufusScamp in reply to Smileyian

The point about the free pizza issue is that bad diets can lead to heart disease.

Take the covid issue and I agree that points that are important to people with heart issues get hijacked.

But having had many low days after my bypass and even now some lighthearted banter can lift my spirits. Mental health can be real issue after heart surgery and anything to help that I welcome. Being Scottish with a good sense of humour you need it


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Smileyian in reply to gilreid1

Och Aye Gilreid I understand the wee point you make. Former Caithness and Inverness resident.

HelloThe issue was/is very important, we are rapidly moving to the point that vaccinations may be compulsory to carry out a lot of everyday routine tasks. Like you can't get on a Tube or a Bus without have been double vaccinated.

I would just like to add I have no issue one way or the other on vaccinations I have had both so has my Wife and my Sons and Daughter in laws quite honestly I will look after myself and don't care about others who may die through not having a vaccination, because they just can't care or be bothered.

There is another section of the public who can't be vaccinated so being a tolerant society we will take care of them the rest can just take their chances.

The NHS is for everyone not just the Vaccinated !!!

We need a debate about the NHS and what are our expectations of the Service., currently any debate is shut down. not good for society IMHO

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Smileyian in reply to Prada47

Your msg is well received by me. Thank you for your view.

Smiling back at you Smileyian. However, though you may not agree with everything in people's opinions in a debate, you have to respect our rights to have them. Working in the NHS has been an eye opener in the last 18 months or so and since lockdown started to ease our referrals have soared. Anxiety levels have reached heights unheard of before for a number of reasons for people and all respect to the Clinical Teams supporting them and the individuals for opening up. No one needs an extra slice of pizza to have a potentially life saving jab and I pay enough in salary deductions that I am irritated Taxis are being considered to be paid for as an additional incentive when I can't get a GP appointment face to face.As a HA survivor I am anxious myself and feel a comfort that if I am unlucky enough to catch this horrific illness the vaccine will get me through.

Surely this forum is for open conversation between people of similar experiences in matters of the heart ? Keep on ticking 😺

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Smileyian in reply to Pussacat

Thank you for your interesting post, I agree. Sadly I am not in a position to use the NHS but understand your points.

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Pussacat in reply to Smileyian

Wherever in the world you are safe right now, I hope you will continue to be so. I accepted my delivery of Brass Lion Distillery Gin today, roll on December 24 th to 31st, lol.😆

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Make mine a smoked salmon caprese thin crust one please.?!

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