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Clopidogrel and aspirin

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Hi guys

I had a mild heart attack in feb and on clopidogrel aspirin and bisprinol. Do I have to have a mix of aspirin and clopidogrel? I’m finding these meds have really upset my stomach Can I leave out the aspirin ?

Would welcome your views

Many thanks


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I was prescribed Lanzaprozole for stomach problem prevention whilst I take combination of Clopidogrel and aspirin.

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Vindicatrix in reply to Cruise1

Hi Cruise, I took Clopidogrel, after a mini stroke and an Op for a clogged artery. Came off it due to bad dose of the 'Squitts' and put on Asprin. Because I had previous for ulcers, I was given Omeprazole as well. I was told that long term use of Omeprazole was not a good thing, especially for CLL sufferers.

So I asked to be given Lanzaprozole as I was told that it was the better one to take for CLL. sufferers. I then had a prolonged month dose of the Squitts, excacerbated by Antibiotics. My GP said that Lanzaprozale is bad for this, so I was put back on a lower dose of Omepr.zole. After a month of Lavatory Lingering, my GP told me to stop eating a bland diet, and start eating normally. Within 2 days everything cleared up.

A complex tale, and not very articulatlely put, I suspect. However the lesson to be learnt as far as I am concerned seems to be, Stick with the lower dose of Omeprazole, and after two or three days of eating dry toast, mashed potatoes, jelly and white cornstarch pudding, or indeed any other cardboard tasting food, Fill your boots with big boys/girls breakfast, if that is your want. All the best Ron

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TheBearB55 in reply to Cruise1

I was about to post exactly the same! Then, a year and a scan later, the Consultant took me off the Aspirin and Lanzaprozole. He recommends to take the Clopidogrel for life. Latest thinking seems to be that it's the Aspirin that irritates one's stomach lining, hence the need for Lanzaprozole

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Cruise1 in reply to TheBearB55

I asked my consultant about Clopidogrel for life as that’s what it stated on my discharge note from hospital and aspirin for stents but he said it was the other way round. I believe you can get gastro resistant aspirin though.

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TheBearB55 in reply to Cruise1

Maybe different as I don't actually have stents. When I had my angiogram it was found that my blockage was in a "side road" not a "motorway" as the Consultant described it :-) and a stent was neither necessary nor practical See "9. Common Questions"

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Vindicatrix in reply to Cruise1

Hi Cruise1, after a month of excessive toilet visits and bland diets, I was told to eat normally, and with two days I was almost back to normal. I returned to the GP , who had intially told me that the cause of all this was a course of Antibiotics he had put me on. He tells me that Antibiotics can trigger 'Diarrhoea' . However I had, at about the same time, changed from Omerprazole to Lansaprozole. He now tells me that he is sure that it was the Lansaprozole that caused it. He put me back on a lowerdoze of Omerprazole, and things are now fine. However, I am still not sure what the cause was, a choice of two, it seems. All the best Ron

Me too as they say. Ticagrelor and aspirin. Lansoprazole too but still getting acid reflux. Quite unpleasant but necessary. At least the Ticagrelor is only for 12 months. Not sure how well I’d cope without the Lanzoprazole. I think I’m going to ask my GP for some more antacids.

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ChristineK in reply to Mentdent

I have Gaviscon Advanced and Lansolrozole fir my reflux.

Sorry I mean Lansoprozole.

So glad you've found something that seems to be working, good luck with it.

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Mentdent in reply to ChristineK

I’ve got those but they don’t do it for me. I’m also on industrial strength immunosuppressants for severe psoriatic arthritic and they cause gastritis too. Just started esomeprazole as well and that seems to be working so far. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the reply.

After having heart attack or any heart procedure Clopidogrel is an really vital blood thinner that is used for a bout a year. And Aspirin is for life! Your body needs to adjust to this medicine and I was simply given a. Stronger dose of oMeprazole which made it so much better. It is fabulous that we all use this forum to ask each other information but I urge people to talk to professionals. Sometimes medicine is not right for you but you are on primarily a combination of these drugs and sometimes a statin as well to keep you alive!! Good luck and I hope you get it sorted but please don’t stop taking anything unless advised by a doctor

Thank you for replying, I have never needed meds before and finding it really difficult to adjust. I have probably read too much about side effects and scared myself lol I have read that when you come off clopidogral it’s can be dangerous as your blood thickens more than before!! So do they advise a gradual withdrawal ie cut them into small pieces. Some good news though the Bisporol is working really well , it feels good to be so chilled !I’ve gone back to work and stress levels are the lowest they have ever been


NO, when you stop the blood thinner after a year you do it immediately; no cutting down; just stop. It's not a problem. I find the aspirin plays havoc with my stomach and am presently on double stomach protector to let a peptic ulcer heal. I've been put on an enteric coated aspirin which dissolves in the cut rather than the stomach but they don't like to do that because if you have normal bowel movements, it may not stay inside long enough to work

Ok that makes sense. I had read that stopping clopidogeal abruptly causes blood to be very thick, thicker than before for a short while is this not true?Thanks

Hope you keeping well 😄

NO idea but never heard that. My GP had no hesitation in stopping it straight off. Either that or aspirin had t o be stopped as they were ruining my stomach and he said they know more about the side effects of aspirin than they did about clopi so he'd like me to stay on aspirin. About 3 months after my HA I begged them to change ticagrelor for clopidogrel as I couldn't breathe on ticag. It got so bad I stopped it myself a week before I had to go for another angiogram. The surgeon was furious but only because he had to give me a big loading dose of clopidogrel before he could do the angiogram. Well I had kept on begging and he'd just ignored me. TIcag was like having severe asthma for me.

Wow that sounds v scary, why didn’t they listen to you! I think sometimes u have to do whatever's necessary and trust yourself.

I assume the cardio chap expected it would wait until he saw me. It didn't cause asthma but it felt like it; that's a well known side effect of ticagrelor. He just didn't realise how badly it was affecting me and how badly I was coping with it.

Yes I have lots of meds questions but don’t see consultant until I’ve had perfusion scan . Not sure what that entails. GP won’t change anything without checking with consultant. So where are u with everything now then?

I'm fine now thanks; two years on and finally only taking 4 tablets. It took a full year to sort out medication. I react very badly to a lot of drugs and have allergies so there was a lot of swapping about to be done and waiting to see if there was any improvement after they'd got out of my system. The only thing I didn't have to have changed was aspirin and just a couple of weeks ago even that was swapped to the enteric coated type. Quite amazed I managed to have my covid vaccinations without any side effects at all because even the flu jab brings me out in a whole body rash. I still have two blockages over 60% but they say not bad enough to stent. It's my other problems now causing the worst difficulties. I have constant pain, a LOT of nerve damage, crumbling spine, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, knees and shoulders shot and needing surgery pelvic adhesions with nerve damage and now the neuropathy is affecting my hearing. Aint life fun?

Wow! I think for me the demons are in all in my head, if I just stopped worrying about everything life would be pretty dam good. I am reading Dr Wayne Dyer and his words just seem to make sense to me.

I am also very sensitive to medications and previously would not take even an aspirin so it’s been hard getting my head round it all.

I had my mild heart attack after the first Pfizer jab and I’ve never had any problems with my health before . I have filled in the yellow card.

Im sorry u have been through so much

Are you still working or retired?

I hope life improves for you , all the best 😊

Had to give up work when my spine got so bad. I hadn't had any heart or BP problems at all when I had the heart attack but I do have a family history of heart problems. My grandad was the only one of 13 siblings to survive past 50.

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ChristineK in reply to Smellymjk

After having stomach problems with Aspirin, even the gastro resistant one, my cardiologist took me off Aspirin and I am on Clobidigrel for life.

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Smellymjk in reply to ChristineK

My dad had to do that as well

I am taking a tablet which helps prevent stomach problems called Lansoprazole - be worth asking your Dr about that. Good luck

Thank you for your advice Hope you are keeping well 🙂

Please continue with doctor's prescription, I also got same treatment 7 years ago, after a heart attack, but my treatment was changed later.

Thanks Rabbit, I will carry on with them How are you doing now?

I had HA Jan 2020, was on Clopidogrel and Aspirin and suffered stomach problems. Spoke to cardiologist, who put me on Lansoprozole to protect stomach. Still had stomach problems, so he stopped Aspirin. Everything OK now. Only thing worrying me is that taking Lansoprozole makes Clopidogrel less effective. ( I looked it up). You just can't win. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Thanks Christine So you are on just Clopidogral with no aspirin added. Cos that’s what I was concerned about that the 2 meds are generally prescribed together and work in tandem and thought it may my be essential to have both. looks like clopindigrel will still give a high level of protection just by reducing the stickiness of the blood 😀

Yes, I guess not everyone can tolerate Aspirin, good luck.

Thanks 😊

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