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Back in the game!!


Hi All

This is me. 4.5 months since my heart bypass operation and I am back at work. Everything back to normal but I now suffer from swollen ankles every day. I take water tablets but they swell still.

But hey, I am feeling good and happy 😃 I still think what the heck just happened to me 😱 to anyone who is awaiting surgery don’t be afraid don’t worry just go with what they say and you will be fine when you come out the other side 😃❤️😃❤️😃❤️😃❤️

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Hi Wendy

Do you think it might be the hot temperatures? I know at the moment I am really glad to get my feet up. I am on high dose of water tablet and have been since my op.


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Hi Pauline

I was thinking to increase I am on 40mg fourisomide

I dont think it is the heat

What do you call high dose?

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Hi, I am on 40mg Furosemide too, which I take in a morning when I was first out of hospital I was on 80mg but my surgeon halved it when I saw him for my check up 6 weeks after my op. Must admit I was nervous as my heart was so weak before my op that it couldn’t get rid of my water. Ended up looking like the Michelin X Man! That’s the reason I was in hospital for the 7 weeks before my op so they could get rid of the excess water.I was on a drip twice a day. He told me my heart was now strong enough to manage on the 40 mg.

Before you up your dose you should really talk it over with your cardio nurse or your GP.

Water tablets can play havoc with your kidneys.

When ever you are sitting make sure you have your feet elevated.


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Thank you Pauline

I am discharged now and because if lockdown I didn’t get to see my surgeon after surgery didn’t get the cardiac rehab and only spoke to heart nurse on the phone she has discharged me now so I will speak with GP

Apart from the ankles I am doing great. I have found I get anxious and bit as confident now but I suppose that is to do with being on lockdown too so being back at work will help with that

Thanks for the advice

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Getting anxious is normal, I am nearly 4 years on and occasionally it raises its head! As well as bypass I had Aortic valve replaced so have a yearly echocardiogram talk about anxious the weeks before I get very hot and bothered😂

My husband had an appointment at the hospital last Monday first time we had been out since the 5 th March I am his carer so after a lot of discussion, off we went didn’t think I would have been as bother as I was. We both looked like Darth Vadiers Mum and Dad ! black masks with filters Gloves! Son determined to keep us safe😂

Getting back to you job is a great step forward you are doing so well. Remember we all take a hit to our confidence after open heart surgery, remember one of my granddaughters saying Nana you are the strongest Woman I know, that kept me going on many a dark moment.

Take good care Pauline

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Thank you 😊

Wow wot a positive person u are and u look great by the way 😊I had aha 14mths ago 2 stents fitted but doing well but I get a bit anxiousnow and then and like today was sweating really bad tired little bit unsure of wot was going on but just took my spray chilled and feel fine now but I am tired more lately so a trip to docs for the once over to make me feel at ease I just sometimes feel I m bothering them xx

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Hi Chrissy

Thank you 😊 I feel I am getting there.

I agree about the bothering the doctor but they are there to help and if you are feeling out of sorts go. You know your body and when something is not right

They don’t mind and would rather you bother than get sick

Look after yourself, remind yourself what you have been through and how you are still here alive and kicking!!! Be strong and positive and enjoy life now they have fixed you!!!

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Great work Wendy and looks like the return to work has done you a power of good.

With your positive outlook it definitely looks like you’re treating your procedure for what it is - a chance to get your heart (or arteries!) mended and live a full and healthy life.

Best wishes

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Thank you so much 😊

I feel like I have been given a gift

Before my op I felt ready for the knackers yard!!

Now I aim to get the most out of life and enjoy it!!

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Thank u yes I m going to go just to get checked over if anything and put my mind at ease and my families thank u for relpying and take care xx

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I hope you are okay 👌

Let me know how you get on

Chrissydoll in reply to Hidden

I will thank u xx

Blimey you’ve done brilliant, I had 3 stents in Dec then a double cabg in Jan, with rotten wound infection. I’m really struggling mentally and with neck, arm shoulder pain and no help from my GP or hospital. I was very lucky I had private healthcare otherwise I’d still be in a waiting list! I’ve just managed to get private physio this week which hopefully will help. I’m retired and volunteer at a primary school but because I’m vulnerable can’t go back! So left in limbo with no mojo or motivation to do anything! Someone needs to kick my arse but I have no one to talk to who understands me. Good to hear some positive stories tho!

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Wow you know sometimes you just got to rely on yourself. Time will come when you can get back into the primary school and so now you have to get strong again to be ready for it. At about four weeks post op I decided to start walking I would go out early morning and walk for 30 mins and it really got me back on my feet. My confidence went but I knew I had to get myself going. At six weeks post op I got wound infection, there was stitching wire sticking through the wound so I went in hospital and got it sorted

I carried on with my walking after that and it really did help mentally and physically

What am saying is only you can do it one step at a time

You will go back in that primary school so get yourself ready for it you have not come through that op for nothing!! I bought walking shoes and EarPods so I could put on my hoodie get my music on and walk and it felt good

I do hope you get your mojo back too!! Go for it !!

Wendy x

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