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Living back in UK


Hi all, I've been back in the UK for a month now after living in Spain for the past 12 years, I had 2 stents fitted 18 months ago and had one stent collapse after 6months. I have registered with a Dr who is sending me to see a cardiologist and hopefully heart rehab as I have never been able to get fit since the incident 18 months ago, I never had a heart attack ( but was told I was very lucky not to have had one) but had been experiencing severe chest arm jaw and back pain while walking my friends dog for quite a few weeks, I just kept kidding myself it would go away, I was also getting these pains while watching tele or lying in bed. The medical system in Spain was brilliant and they fitted the stents within 3 days of what I and they initially thought was a heart attack. They don't do heart rehab in Spain and they just say walk for at least 3hrs a week. The thing I'm hoping for is to get back into shape as since my last episode I get so breathless and can't seem to do a lot, I'm hoping heart rehab will help get me fit again and just hoping that 18 months after the initial event it isn't too late. I'm excited about rehab as I need to feel a bit like my old self again instead of puffing and panting at the slightest bit of exertion. What can I expect from rehab? I also believe that one of my pills ticagrelor needs to be stopped as my last stent fitting was 6 months ago. I am looking forward to the appointments as I will be able to chat with the cardiologist myself instead of going through a translator. Sorry to bore you with all my details.

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Hi Mirador

Welcome home! Rehab is brilliant for boosting confidence and getting fit. They do exercise but also lifestyle advice and the nurses hold a medication review clinic as well.(I’m in the north east so presume that’s everywhere)It sounds though that you need to be assessed fully by your new cardiologist who will be able to see exactly what is happening and will advise. Hope all goes well with your health and return. Keep warm!!

Best wishes


Mirador19 in reply to Zena166

Thank you Zena, I am looking forward to the help and advice I will hopefully get. I'm sure I will be back and chatting about it all when my appointment comes through.


If your with Dr Who all should be well!!!! 😎

I agree with Zena - cardiac rehab is a great way to get back to a level of activity. Phase one is very gentle exercise that is carefully monitored. Phase two is in the gym using various equipment. I didn't continue after phase two as I am very active at home (large property, lots of animals to care for). But if you want to continue the staff will work with you to establish a fitness program.

Hope your appointment goes well!

Mirador19 in reply to Jaycey

Thank you Jaycey it sounds just what I need, I used to walk a neighbour’s dog every day for an hour or more, now I can barely do 15 minutes and I now live in a beautiful place in Wales and a bit of a hill to get back from the shops and it can bring on an Angina attack so I really do need to get fit again.


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