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Travel insurance while under investigation for closure of patent foramen ovale age 59


Booked holidays to Europe in October and Singapore/Australia/New Zealand/Bangkok for January but couldn't get insurance yet due to covid 19.Had been told MRI was ok in December but my own consultant reviewed after he came back from 3 months off and said was possibility needed foramen ovale closed but would need another MRI first.He said not urgent and ok to fly but I wonder if as under investigation will get insurance. Anyone else been in this situation?

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Good morning Redwing30. I think you will find on going online for Quotes we had this problem last year. 1 of the 1st questions was are undergoing or Awaiting results from investigations And as soon as you answer yes to that. A message comes up to say the cant quote you. And obviously if you tell a lie then need to claim They will use that as a get out of paying You can ring a company or try online Good luck Brian

Redwing30 in reply to Bingo88

Thanks will phone round today

Bingo88 in reply to Redwing30

Best way So you can explain your medical history Better as well I always speak to someone

Good morning

I would recommend insure and escape, they covered me when others wouldn’t

Redwing30 in reply to Hanibil

Great will give them a try

Redwing30 in reply to Redwing30

Thank you

Yes this is a problem. My husband was awaiting a not urgent minor op on his hand but so many insurers were suspicious because ha was past 80 but health ok. However since my bypass I have noticed the cost of insurance has rocketed if you ,want to go to long haul like the Caribean

Thanks for replying

If you manage to find an insurance company that offer cover could the information be shared as I’m having the same problem which has been ongoing for 3 years.

Will do

Redwing30 in reply to Redwing30

Hi just updating re insurance.I am being referred to congenital heart clinic in Glasgow. I am going to hold off trying to get insurance for a month or so.My Cardiologist said he would write me a letter for insurance if I needed it.Did phone one company and will insure for pre existing conditions but not cover for anything related to this problem. My holidays aren't till October and January so have a bit of time.Will update if I manage to get insurance in future though fear is unlikely and will have to decide myself whether to go or not.My consultant has said there is a low risk of a problem in the next 10 to 15 years.

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