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New here and need advice


Hello. I’m new and this is my first post. Over 2 weeks ago my 77 year old mum had a heart attack which took us all by surprise as she is so fit and healthy.

She also went into heart failure and we nearly lost her. She came out of hospital 5 days later with a load of medication. The artery that was blocked could not have a stent put in, as it was too blocked and the decision was made to just manage it on medication. She was only home 2 days when I had to call an ambulance for her as she couldn’t breath. Her lungs had filled up with fluid so she needed these to be drained. The dr at the hospital took her off 2 of her medications. Bisoprolol and ramipril and this appears to have helped her and she doesn’t wheeze the same. She still has a cough though.

She’s now out of hospital and is absolutely shattered she’s also a little bit confused as she says the odd word wrong and seemed to have forgotten how to do certain things. ( she is fine showering and getting dressed) I’ve asked for a Dr to visit her on Monday to just give her a check up and I will be ringing the cardiac Rehabilitation on Monday as we have had a letter to make an appointment. Sorry for the long post but one of my questions are is it normal for her to be so tired and bit confused? I’m currently sleeping here as she needs help taking her tablets and my dad who has dementia (separate story) isn’t capable of looking after her. Any I’ve been through something similar or advice would be appreciated

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Hi Penny

Sorry to hear of your mums troubles.

Can't offer to much except to say the Blocked artery can be managed with medication, I have one that is 100% blocked so you can live quite well with one that's blocked.

I am just an amateur at this but sounds like Ramipril and Bisoprolol may have slowed your Mum down a little to much. Did the Dr who took her off them not tell you why ?

Your Mums GP will probably have received a discharge letter which may give you more information so give them a ring. Probably the tired and confused is a result of all the trauma your Mum has just been through. Sorry I can't offer more sure someone will be along soon to give you more help and reassurance.

One thing I would say if you get worried call 111 or even 999 they won't think your wasting their time.


pennyc02 in reply to Prada47

Can I ask how old you are? Also how long is it since your diagnosis?

Prada47 in reply to pennyc02

I am male 72 with Heart Failure.

I have had a Heart Attack in the past and also had Bypass surgery and then later stents. I have a 100% blocked Right Coronary Artery which can't be fixed. I am being assessed currently for a CRT a kind of Pacemaker.. So I have had some experience over the past 40 years.


Kristin1812Heart Star

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure people with more similar experience to yours will be along soon! But in the meantime, I’ll mention a bit of my experience of heart events. I am 76 and find it now takes me very much longer to recover from medical events....even being hospitalised is more tiring and stressful. Also, it may not be clear how serious her events have been, and what you should now expect.

Do discuss your concerns with the GP, when they call. I always write my questions down first, and jot down their answers. Otherwise my mind can go blank.

I wish you all well.

pennyc02 in reply to Kristin1812

That’s good advice thank you

carpentry in reply to pennyc02

Hello pennyc02,

I have arterial stenosis...a valve in the upper left ventricle (that will eventually necessitate a stent)....that causes a 'heart murmur'!... having had a minor stroke attack...a T.I.A., ...I was prescribed Ramipril. The small print with the medication suggested a cough may be induced...this may happen with some people. Discussed this with my G.P. Discontinued Ramipril and inside ten days the cough had gone!


I had HA in May 2019 age 65

Did not need stent as with medication blood was getting through .

I spent 10 days in Hospital before angiogram as had to travel to mainland to have it done .

I was totally exhausted for about a month after coming home .

I forget names of things but do suffer from another illness which causes Brain Fog and fatigue .

pennyc02 in reply to Rose54

Thank you for your reply. My mum has never been ill so is struggling with how she’s feeling. I’m being over protective and haven’t gone back home yet as I’m worried for her. Did you get help when you were recovering or were you ok to be left at night etc and when you took your medication?


I was on Statins ,Blood presure, Stomach protection ,thyroid meds and Steroids before so was used to taking them .But had so many more I got confused as it was all new to me .

Could you do them in a meds dispenser for her ?

My Son lives with me and for the first few nights he came upstairs when I went to bed .I had phone in my bedroom and slept with door open .

I lost a lot of confidence and got slight panic attacks going out on my own but Rehab helped a lot .

pennyc02 in reply to Rose54

Yes I’m going to ring the cardiac rehab on Monday and find out all

About that for her

Hi Penny I had a HA last year at 53. It’s left me with HF too. I was fit and healthy - going to the gym and participating in boot camps to push my fitness. I can no longer do boot camp but do go to the gym. Its taken time since to get my confidence back, to lessen the brain fog. This forum will help, there’s lots of support and generally someone’s had it before so can offer advice. Good luck with your mum (and dad) and remember there is a support mechanism for you too. Mandy

Thanks everyone for your advise etc.

Her GP came to see her today and her blood pressure is fine, she has no temperature and her lungs are all clear so that’s all good. We mentioned her memory and how she was struggling with words etc and he advised that he didn’t think she’d had a stroke or anything and it may just be the tiredness and how she is recovering. He told her to take it easy and if the memory thing gets worse to give him a call. I’ve rung the cardiac rehab people and left a message on their voicemail so hopefully they will call back and we can get her an appointment with them.

She only came out of hospital 5 days ago so I know it’s early days and these things will take time. I left her on her own last night for the first time and she was fine. Went round this morning and she was sat having her breakfast. So I guess it’s day by day for now.

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