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ivabradine increase


hi😀.. just a wee query about Cardiologist unexpectedly increasing ivabradine from 5mg daily to 10mg daily.. my HR frequently drops to 50 or mid 40’s at rest.. 18 months ago was admitted via ambulance when HR went down to 42 .. bp was 200/103 and resps 28.. after overnight stay doc doing rounds in morning stopped spirolactone and 10mg of ivabradine that had been Cardiologist prescribed.. he reduced ivabradine to 5mg and informed Cardiologist.. saw Cardiologist 4 wks ago and he increased my isorobide to 100mg daily.. but 2 days ago had a phone call from pharmacist who had received a letter from

Cardiologist asking that my ivabradine be increased again to 10mg daily.. thought this strange as it might bring about the problems i experienced last time round lol.. anyone else had similar experience?

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