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Adizem XL


Just been prescribed Adizel XL by Cardiologist to see if it works. Any thoughts, advice,experience?

Cardiologists is back on a MVA thread after a few months exploring ongoing pain as neurological. Going forward for more MV tests, but the Dorset Cardio team is about to buy the equipment to do it locally, so it’s quicker to wait than be referred elsewhere in the country. (He didn’t say what kit)

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Back in the day about 7 years ago I was prescribed Adizem XL.

It can be very helpful but you have to find the brand of Diltiaziem that works best for you. The only way to tell is to take it and see what happens!

I am now on Tildiem retard made by Sanofi. 210mgs twice a day.

Oh that sounds positive that your team in Dorest is so interested in MVA that they are actively seeking to be able to diagnose MVA locally.

Awareness is finally growing!

My specialist recently published some research into using adenosine during an angiogram to detect microvascular dysfunction. Acetylcholine will still be needed to detect coronary vasospasms.

I hope the Adziem XL works for you!

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