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Struggling to breathe


8 bypass grafts, 4 stents and now choking smoke. Canberra in Oz, home, currently has an air quality rating of ‘terrible’ and will persIst for another week. Haven’t been able to do the daily walk for weeks - smoke haze, dust etc and temps in the high 30s and 40s. Getting sick of walking around inside the shopping centre given how small they are here. Still, happy to be upright! Take care everyone

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Sounds awful. Thoughts are with you in Oz. Take care and hope that 2020 brings better times.

Can’t imagine how awful it is. Must be v scary. Am amazed at global warming deniers. Hope you get the support you need

Not a great start to the New Year - all the best to you and we're all praying for rain for you all Down Under. I've lived in fire-prone drought areas before so I know the sort of rain you need is one that isn't a hard downpour that will cause erosion, landslips, and flooding - what you need now is a steady but gentle rain over all the fires.

Please keep us updated.

Must be horrible. Hope they get these fires under control soon. Stay well

Truly awful. I have vague recollections of a thick fog that lasted for days in the early sixties. Although I had only just started school my mother kept me off feeling it was best to stay indoors. I think an elderly relative died in the '52 smog!

I remeber that!

Qualipop in reply to Heythrop51

I remember the smogs in the 50s and regularly beings ent home early from school while the bus drivers could still just about see

I'm so sorry it must be horrendous for you struggling to breathe in that! I'm sorry there is nothing I can say to make it better for you. I wish there was. xx

Hi, I hope things improve soon for you - it’s so frightening not being able to breath properly. Fresh air is a wonderful thing and I hope it’s soon back with you all. Just one thing that may be of help - if you can get hold of a nebuliser and use just water (no medication) this can help with breathing when you feel short of breath.

I am so sorry. I have a schoolfriend in oz and am worried about her. Very scary indeed. Years ago we had to flee a fire in the south of France taking wet bath towels, passports and money and nothing else. Nightmare. We are all thinking of you in OZ and watching horrified by what is happening down under. Hot day and night and choking dust and smoke with A/Fib Not good. Good luck and I wish you rain.

Qualipop in reply to GrannyE

I know there's always been a fire season in Oz and eh bush plants often need fire to germinate seeds etc but this year is beyond belief. I just don't understand why the Government isn't doing something long term . I wish you well.

GrannyE in reply to Qualipop

I believe they are now calling in the army and using the navy to evacuate people.

In the S of France they used to clear undergrowth from beneath the trees so that the fire when it came would go through quickly and not be so devastating. It was reckoned then that a fire would go through approx every 15 years. The bark of the cork oaks there protected the hearts of the trees and the oaks survived. I know that the Eucalyptus burns dreadfully and it is rather different in Oz.

Let's hope that it will soon be a happier new year for you and countless others.

Thinking of you all out there, it must be horrendous.

Ours thoughts are with you and everybody affected. The news feeds here are frightening. We can't imagine what you're going through but hope there's some light at the end of the tunnel very soon. All the very best xxxx

It looks horrendous but I do hope you are able to have a happy 2020 eventually.

Any chance of doing a runner for a week to somewhere with clean air?

Hidden in reply to Ianc2

LOL - the land is so dry that raised dust is the other problem so west is dust and fires north, south and east. Could fly to Far North Queensland but Xmas New Year is our big holiday so no flights or accommodation available or affordable. Canberra currently has worst air quality in the world. NZ currently getting our smoke so no respite their. Open to offers though if someone has an empty holiday home in your Lakes District!!!

Awful situation, I do hope you get some respite from it soon.


Thank you to everyone for your kind words and sharing your own experiences. I fought large bush fires when I was in the RAAF but it is a lot different when you are young, fit and have all of the equipment. My wife and I are addicted to Escape to the Country so are binge watching whilst stuck inside and looking at the rain and lush landscapes with envy! All the best, Al

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