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Etopic heart beats and feeling dizzy


I am a 30 year old woman that has bern struggeling with etopic heart beats since I was 15 years old. They still scare me, and I have been to heart speasialist 3 times. They say my etopic are harmless. But, sometimes it feels like I get 3-5 of them in a row and I get a dizzy/ varm/ numb- feeling in my entire body. I also get pale, but not sure if this is because I get so scared. The feeling never last long, maybe 1-10 seconds. And this is not something that happens often, once a year I will say. Is this normal? I do have low blood pressure, and many times I forget to drink enough water. Maybe there is a link there? Anyhow, I am scared my heart will stop. On the other hand, I have never fainted in my life... Hope to hear from someone who have some experience with this. ( I am Norwegian, in case you think my english is poor:) )

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I think your English is probably better than mine. Welcome. Ectopics are scary.

I am more aware of mine if I am stressed. When I'm busy I notice them less. Yes occasionally ( maybe once a month) I feel weird and need to sit down for a short time but have no idea if the 2 are connected.

Maybe we should be reassured that this has gone on for years and we are still here! If it was something serious or life threatening it would have got worse.

Have you tried breathing exercises. I breathe in for7 out for 11 which calms me. I also try relaxation mp3s and autohypnosis, lots on Youtube.

I wish you calm and please come here for support as we all know how it can be frightening.

If your symptoms change or get worse do go back to a doctor. Good luck

Kristin1812Heart Star

Hi. I’m entirely with Bagrat!

Only a slight addition. You say you’ve never actually fainted. That’s one symptom I would be worried about.

....oh, yes, and DRINK!

Hildestj in reply to Kristin1812

Thanks for the reply... but why should I be worried about not fainting? Isn’t that a good thing? 😊

Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Hildestj

Sorry. I wasn’t at all clear now I re-read it! It’s a great thing you’re not fainting. It seems to be a symptom the medics do worry about.

I having been having ectopic beats for up to four and five hours a day most days I have been to hospital on several occasions and had an ECG and then sent home again. They are very scary but I try deep breathing and this sometimes this works to stop them. Have you had an Holter monitor 24 hour test this will show how often during the day and night you have them. My 24 hour result showed I had over. 7000 in the 24 hours and between midnight and 2pm I had 1300

have you any idea what triggered this for you? sounds awful!

I has ectopic about 5 years ago and they disappeared after about two months but this time they come on any time day or night I have tried cutting out chocolate,tea, coffee and no alcohol but nothing seems to work. I am just wondering if taking the Bisoprolol is making them worse?

Hi, I have ectopic beats too! I'm in the UK and my cardiologist told me that generally people only need to start medication when 10% to 20% of their heart beats are ectopic.

They also told me that drinking enough water, moderate exercise, and low stress helps keep them away.

As others have said, checking with your doctor if you have a change in symptoms is a good idea.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I also have ectopic beats and they are quite normal for most people. They are curable, if they become a health risk, but I think, in this situation, you are okay. Stress is obviously a contributing factor, so when they come on try and stay relaxed, focus on your breathing and do something to take your mind off them. If you dwell on it, it will only make you, and them, feel worse.

good luck.

God morgen og velkommen. Jeg lærer norsk- veldig sakte. I have had ectopics for over 40 years. I had a holter monitor for week which showed which part of the heart they were coming from. Like you, I was told they are harmless but they are still very unpleasant. Your heart missed one beat for a second then makes up for it with two beats. That's he thump that you feel. Sometimes the second beat takes a long time to happen and I feel as if everything is going black. I hit my chest and it goes back to normal. It is unpleasant but it really is harmless. Anxiety can make it worse. All I can suggest is not worry about it. You are still here; you have never fainted. It's just a slight electrical hiccup. Drinking more will help a little.

Hi hildesti I too have ectopics classed as severe 21% my only symptom is low HR when my G P takes my pulse However the cardiologist consultant said we need to stop them so I am on bisoprol. Do you know how many your getting I think shows when you have a ecg I was told by the cardiologist consultant there’s nothing to worry about Take care xxx

Hi x I was told a year ago back to stop exercising and slow down and to pick meds up for my heart x boom my entire life fell apart x then a few weeks later saw a cardiologist had stress test x perfect x heart scan x perfect x 2week monitor picked up rvot (right ventricular tachycardia) x 2nd cardiologist response x its not life threatening x why have you stopped going to gym x you are not going to die its benign x I am on calcium channel tablets x been through anxiety and depression x still trying to get my head around it all being OK x never had full explanation on what it is and why x my doc says it's eotopic x just very confused x x sorry for the long post

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