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Been asked buy heart failure nurse if I would like to go onto Entresto, anybody have any views on this?

7.5mg a day of ramiprill, which I have to stop to start Entresto.

Any body with any views on this medicine?

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Hello Ynys

Nice part of the world !!

You would probably start on 24/26 mg and maybe increase slowly up to 49/51mg with a max dose of 97/103mg twice per day. That's just going off what I followed. Entresto can't be taken when you are on other Ace Inhibitors that's why they stop Ramipril.

I have been on the 49/51 mg X 2 for the past 3 months and am about to go up to 97/103mg.

I had to come off Furosemide and decrease Bisoprolol due to my Blood Pressure being Low 90/60 it's now 118/67 with a heart rate of 61 but HR can be between 45 to 60 .

Cardiologist instructed Heart Nurse to get me on to the Higher dose of Entresto to try to ease Breathlessness which can appear either through Exercise ( walking quickly ) or just out of the Blue !!

To be honest I don't feel it has made a lot of difference currently, I have a pretty decent EF at around 43 %, but I have had by pass surgery and stents What I have noticed since being on Entresto is my Ectopic Beats have improved a lot, I haven't had a Tri or Bigeminy episode for a couple of weeks now. If I can help at all just shout.

Best Regards

Forgot You should get a blood test to just monitor kidney function !!!


I have recently moved over to Entresto from Ramipril - but I am finding that when I take it, I suffer the most annoying dry cough.

Almost sure it is Entresto, because when I stopped taking it for 4 days, the cough cleared up. When I started taking the Entresto agian - the cough has gone away.

So, expecting this to be on the "change ot Plan C" list when next i visit the NP at Cardiology.

Havé yóu got swollen ankles due to fluid reteñtión ?

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