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BBC headline "minority take up lifesaving free health check"

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At 64 I've never been offered a heart health check. Have had smears, mammograms, bowel checks but as a healthy active person, good BMI and blood pressure, I haven't been near a stethoscope until I had a little episode that I persisted in getting checked out. Too late for what ifs for me - Feel it, Face it, Move on!!!!

I did however find this article headline very judgemental and the content simplistic. In my situation, I've never had any invites. My surgery does not advertise them. Indeed the NHS website says GPs may not offer them, it may be the responsibility of the local authority or similar.

In the article the national clinical director for dementia and older people's mental health for NHS England talks about the opportunity this free check offers and suggests people start the new year by committing to "taking this simple free and potentially life saving step towards a healthier life".

I suggest people tell 40-74 year olds about this. The impact of everyone entitled asking for it might be the same as everyone parking legally for a day - gridlock! My heart surgery will be delayed doubtlessly because of the winter stresses on the NHS. How on earth would front line GPs cope with this extra pressure in January without extra resources?

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You make a really important point. Preventative measures and education is the way to go but if not properly resources, which is usually case, only clogs up the system. Last week I heard a radio commercial advising people with any health concerns to see there GP prior to the Christmas holidays ( because of course everything stops and we can't be I'll if it's a holiday period) The report said don't ignore any little niggles in case they developed into something more major. I have visions of surgeries fill of people with many ailments. Rant over hope you don't wait too long

Some are invasive, that's why people don't want to go through it. And, there are risks associated with these, too.

My husband and I are both 68 and we've never been offered any check ups either.

Hi Lucy. Both my husband and my parents used to have annual "MOT checks" at their respective GP surgeries, but both surgeries stopped doing them a few years ago.

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