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Heart transplant information for a foreiner in UK

HI my cousin is 38 years old from Honduras .Sshe really needs a heart trasplant but there is not an option to do this in Honduras. She was operated when she was a baby in USA for a congenital heart problem . Now we are desperate for her to be seen and somehow see if she can get into a transplant list .

Does anyone know if she can get in a heart transplant list in UK ?'

Does anyone know if this is possible ?', is any international waiting list?


many thanks

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I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, however I doubt her prospects would be any better here. In the UK there are about 15,000 people under the age of 65 who are candidates for a heart transplant, however only about 120-150 donor organs become available each year, so the odds of finding a match are only about one in a hundred or less.

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I recently posted a reply to a Canadian asking much the same question. In this country there are EU rules governing priority. How this will change post Brexit who knows but personally with the limited shelf life of organs an arrangement with your neighbours seems a good idea. As I suggested in the other thread you could call the British Embassy for advice.

As mentioned in the other reply there is a severe shortage of donor organs as there seems a reluctance by many people to opt in to the scheme. This is even more acute amongst the Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities. The same comment also applies to blood donation.


Yes, the transplant option seems very difficult one. Sadly, her condition doesnt have many options and Central America do not offer any suitable solutions, USA is making things difficult for the ViSA.I will keep looking for at least a palatiave treatment or on any case a surgery that can help instead a treatment. Many thanks for the information.


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