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Lack of concentration

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Still waiting to have stents sorted out.

I do lose lack of concentration but this morning I drove to the post office to pick parcel up, but when I turned left into the road where the post office is. I didn’t know which side of the road I needed to drive on, and drove on the right side when I got to the junction I realised I was on the wrong side. !!!

I laugh about been a dizzy sod but this scared me because I couldn’t remember what side I need to be on. I wasn’t feeling to good, and drove home ok !!

7 Replies
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I think you should go and speak with your GP. It may be that you are preoccupied with the the upcoming angioplasty but it may be something else. With your history of arterial blockages further checks may be needed. For instance have your cartoid arteries been checked? Please don't put off seeing your GP as if there is another issue the sooner it is addressed the better. Good luck with it all.

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Hi we all have our moments of doing something totally odd and out of the blue. You've just joined the gang. However, if i was you i would give 111 a call and run it by them as soon as you can. On a remaining calm note. Ive had 3 stents fitted and if i did something similar i would be speaking to a healthcare professional sooner rather than later. Remember this is xmas party and flu season so the NHS are v busy . So please run this past someone.

Take care

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Thank you living-life, I spoke to a gp yesterday as I wasn’t feeling well at all, I’ve been waiting for my Cardiolgist calling and missed the call last night, he left me a message and is calling me back today, I already have 2 stents fitted one 20 yrs ago & 10yrs ago. It’s the stents that are blocking 😢 he said he is going to put stents inside stents so fingers crossed I’ll know what’s happening today.

Loving-life I joined the club years ago I.e memory & blonde moments 😂😂 but must admit that was scary yesterday

Thank you for your reply much appreciated 👍

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Loving-life in reply to 2stents

Phew sounds like you have it all in hand. So relieved. Hope you manage to catch your call from your consultant today. Take care and have a lovely christmastime.

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Spoke to Cardiolgist now saying blood running ok through arteries. But small veins blood if sluggish?

Told him about my little do yesterday, he said go see you GP sounds like you have had mini stroke, I really don’t know what to think anymore, is that why I’m feeling ill because blood is sluggish??

So for going on

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I'm not surprised!

Sounds like your Cardiologist has run out of his version of "excuses" to explain away your symptoms, to put it bluntly.

"Spoke to Cardiolgist now saying blood running ok through arteries."

If so, why do on earth you need another stent to put inside the existing one?

Time for a second opinion?

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To be honest I’m fed up with it all, 2011 angiogram showed 50-70% in stent blockage so they didn’t want to risk it putting a stent in another stent put me on adizam.. 2014 symptoms get worse so on isosorbide. Which did help!

2016 starts again angiogram 2017 told both stents 50% blocked??

7 weeks ago felt so poorly and haven’t felt right since then Cardiolgist rings me today and says blood in small veins moving sluggish!

Told him about my episode driving yesterday and he says sounds like a mini stroke go see your GP ...

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