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Another busy day getting ready for panto on stage! But thanks for ruining it CHEST PAIN!!


Should have been another good day getting all the props ready on stage for panto.

But once again I've come home at the end of the day and ended up rubbing my chest after a full day of bloody chest pain.

Now I'm suffering the effects of working my backside off....Thanks angina..

How could my cardiologist go on and on about it being muscular skeletal then sees me last week and says I don't think it's cardiac? Isn't angina cardiac? Now sitting quietly at home with pain deep in chest and when I breath in with odd stabbing pain down top of arm....

And it's not Angina. ..yeah right doc!

I hate this and the way it just ruins my daily life😢

Then to add to the misery I chatting with a colleague and she says her poor dad is now paralysed on he's right side after having a stent procedure and angina...year later has massive heart attack. Rushed to London hospital for bypass! After the bypass suffers big stroke and now paralysed.

What a day!!!!

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Sorry to hear this Rob - sounds so frustrating. I can’t offer any advice but I hope it all gets sorted for you very soon and the pains subside

Good luck with panto and well done you for creating panto magic that will bring a smile or two to many little and big people’s faces over the next month 💪

Got to be honest Twinniemummy.

I'm getting close to calling an ambulance

I'm getting recurring pain as I standon't making my dinner and struggle to get my little one to bed.

Having a few scary episodes and it's really getting to me now..

Haven't taken spray yet but will later if continues.

Trying to stay calm.

I'm getting fed up with telling my cardiologist this is worryingly angina pain..even unstable

This sounds horrid, I really do feel for you. Have you taken your spray yet? If it doesn’t help get dialling if you are frightened, irs better to be safe than sorry ... you know your body.

I feel frustrated for you 😔

Hope the pain is easing now

Where you at now Rob?

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Sitting very calmly while watching 24hr A+E on TV

Glutton for punishment me😃😂😁

But do have my spray close by.

Thank you for your concern Shopman😆

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I just logged in before and noted the problems you were having. Regardless of what is going on around you, you really should use your spray to see if it eases things and if not then either call 999 or 111 for further help & advice. Don't know about you but living in a rural location I have to factor in the 20 minutes it takes for an ambulance to respond if I need it - fortunately not a regular occurrence.

Just remember they are not always behind you.

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What happens when you take your spray?

Hi rob6868, really feel for you, I have 2 stents which have been blocking since about 2009, angiogram 2011 & 2017 different % readings, been on so many different meds. Now on sick again from work just feeling ill see Cardiolgist tonight, I’m hoping h will do something about unblocking the stents. But I know just how you feel it’s awful, it’s like no one believes you. But you know your own body, I would take your spray tho see if it takes it off, then write everything down and if spray takes it off.

Hope they sort you out soon x

Try taking your GTN spray prior to being active, it's possible that might help.

Know how your feeling been two days with chest pain but putting off going to hospital as don’t think I can go through with the week I had before stents, got my mri on the 20th at st Thomas so hoping it can give us some answers. I’m trying nit to worry as I know this doesn’t help, hope your feeling a bit better

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