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I have just signed up to HeathUnlocked.

I am 55 had a widowmaker heart attack followed by 3 cardiac arrests back in 2017.

When we got to hospital my wife was told she should get the family in.. gulp ... and yet here I am!

Thanks to fantastic care I was resuscitated and had emergency cath lab treatment; I had the blockage removed and a stent inserted within approx 3 hours of the incident (in the middle of the night thanks to paramedics having the ability to transmit the ecg results direct to the cath lab and everyone being there and scrubbed up when I arrived)

I am generally quite well ... but have been to A&E 4 times. with chest 'pains' .. or more precisely an unusual feeling.. every time I have been just fine .. so it is me being over sensitive ... but I really can't tell what I should be worried about ... it's a constant worry which hopefully improves every month.

I am pre diabetic .. but I am not sure if that has developed because of my condition or meds .. anyone have any views on this?

How do you know when to be worried?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! I had a quadruple bypass in June. However, there was no shock as I was an angina sufferer with an appalling family history of CVD. I have also been Type I for over 50 years during which time I have been involved in local support groups (no longer running). A friend's mother became diabetic after a heart attack forty years ago. She is now in her nineties and independent. In your case you need to maintain a BMI of 25 or under, exercise, eat healthily keeping fat intake low and carbs, probably, to 100gm per day. In addition keep an eye on your cholesterol and BP levels. With care you might not develop diabetes for many years but the risk increases with age. Good luck.

user63 in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks MichaeljH , Thanks for your reply, since my attack I have eaten better and excercied more .. but still my levels are rising ... it seems I may have to 'cut back' further :-( , I have found my local Cardiac gym rehab very good too.

Kristin1812Heart Star

What a great outcome. You’re here!

You ask when you should be worried.

It’s difficult, and very natural to worry about every new sensation. I also think A and E expect this, after such a life threatening event, but my experience is that they are unfailingly professional and vigilant. They certainly never made me feel I was ever wasting their time.

Until you build up a picture of which sensations you should get worried about, it will happen!

user63 in reply to Kristin1812

Thanks Kristin1812, A&E have been excellent and never made me feel I was wasting their time ... I think I just have take on board that each time I have been I felt rubbish ... and was OK , therefore I am over worrying and try and stop that. Nobody seems to have the same symptoms ... mine was just like really bad indigestion at the start .. a burning down the breast bone.


I have no real answer and have only been on the forum for three weeks following a heart attack. However I have had loads of support from the forum so stay in touch with it. I also have loads of aches ,pain and funny sensations and it is really hard to know what is real and what is not. In my case once I get a sensation I panic which tightens everything up and makes it real! Someone has advised yoga for relaxation and I intend to give it a go.

Good luck

Thanks , I think I need to try some relaxation at home .. I am still working and rushing from place to place seems counter productive.

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