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Awaiting AVR - what happens next?

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Hi, I’ve been following this group for a while now, so glad I found it, I’ve learnt so much, thank you.

I have severe Aorta Stenosis and waiting to have AVR. I have an outpatient appointment with the Cardiac Surgery Team on 30th October. The appointment letter says that I will see a member of my surgeon’s team. Can anyone tell me what is likely to happen at this appointment and do I go on a waiting list after this appointment?

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It very much depends on what has gone before. There may be further tests, "Fitness for Surgery" assessment or both before you go on the surgeon's waiting list. Write down any questions before you go so you don't remember them after the appointment!

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Cobra2018 in reply to MichaelJH

I had angiogram about three weeks ago and yes I will make a list, thank you.

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Once my stenosis was confirmed severe, both symptomatically and by echo cardiogram measurements, I was referred by the cardiology team to a surgeon who reviewed my notes, recent echo plus chest xray and ecg, taken on the day of appointment. We discussed valve choice, surgery options and possible dates for surgery. Valve choice - bio or mechanical - is maybe something you need to consider. There are threads on this forum. It was good to talk to the surgeon who would be actually operating on me.

Once on his list, the there was a further pre-op appointment about 10 days prior to surgery, where blood was taken and lung function tested just to ensure fitness for surgery. This was about prep for the operation but did not involve my surgeon.

Waiting lists are indicative of likely dates which may mean postponements for urgent rather than routine surgery. I was fortunate to choose a surgeon who only did elective planned surgery and my planned day was actually brought forward due to a cancellation.

The day you receive your letter confirming operation date may feel a little scary as you then know it's really happening but try and treat it as a positive confirmation that you will soon be fixed.

Knowledge is your friend and will help you through your journey so ask questions and gather information. If you can reduce uncertainty, you will ease the discomfort, psychologically and thereby, physiologically.

I'm 6 months down the line from AVR and enjoying the benefits now and for an extended life expectancy. What's not to like!

Good luck with your surgery and beyond.

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Cobra2018 in reply to IanGordon

Thank you. I’ve been following your posts and really pleased everything is going so well with your recovery.

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Hiya I received a letter to meet with my surgeon. At that appointment we discussed the surgery required - open heart for aortic valve replacement and mitral valve repair if possible. Then discussed either mechanical or tissue valve - I opted for tissue as don't like the idea of "ticking". Then had pre-op assessment (this is valid for 12wks) - bloods taken, MRSA swabs, BP and weight, chest xray, met with anaesthetist and completed a kind of medical history booklet. I am now waiting for surgery date - just been told not much notice is given in order to reduce anxiety if op gets put back.

Hope all goes well.

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Cobra2018 in reply to wee-sharrie19

Thank you, I hope all goes well for you too.

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