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Awaiting triple bypass now feel any discomfort is an incident about to happen

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Hi everyone, I've only experienced one incident of pain subsequently identified as angina. Now after angiogram last Monday I've been told it is severe and put on urgent list for triple bypass. My problem is as I've not experienced other angina events I'm not sure what to expect so don't have a base of knowledge to draw on. I had an ache in my chest on Fri and went to A&E, was kept in overnight but both bloods and ECG were negative.

I'm out now but still have that ache. I suspect it's anxiety and the type of ache you get with bad news. It's still playing on my mind. Is this normal to feel this way after this news, will an angina attack be really clear and I'll know something's wrong? I've gone from not being aware of any issue to feeling I'm made of glass in a week.

10 Replies
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Have a read of this booklet which explains things:

What medication have you been given?

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Huggy123 in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks I will, it was a bit of a ramble but just had to get it out.

I’ve got bisoprolol, aspirin and simvastatin

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Huggy123

No GTN spray? It can be useful for deciding if is angina or something more. I developed angina and breathlessness in early 2017 culminating in a quadruple bypass in summer 2018. Any questions just ask. Sleep beckons now so I will check back in the morning

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Huggy123 in reply to MichaelJH

Morning, yes I have GTN spray also.

I feel much better this morning (in my head). I think it’s been the shock of feeling alright then being told I need triple cabg and now living with waiting on the surgery. It’s definitely helped reading some stories on this forum from others. Thanks again

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I keep GTN spray in my bag and 300mg aspirin tablet. I've found it takes some of the anxiety away knowing I have the immediate treatment to hand should I need it. Very difficult not to feel some anxiety especially when you are waiting for an op. Good luck.

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Huggy123 in reply to benjijen

Thanks , good idea I shall do this

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Hi. It can all be rather confusing at first, for some of us. I know exactly what you mean about having a clear symptom to work to.

My angina is usually pretty mild, even when I had my three heart attacks.

But over time it’s been possible to differentiate what’s angina, and what’s muscular, stress, digestive etc. I now realise that pressure across my chest (even pretty mild) is a definite distinctive angina symptom, for me.

Unfortunately using GTN doesn’t always confirm angina. The cardiac nurse told me that as it opens up the blood vessels, other symptoms can be improved, by GTN, too.

Keep will get clearer.

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Huggy123 in reply to Kristin1812

Many thanks for your reply

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I can't say about angina as even before my heart attack, I never had any but I can say that your worries are extremely normal and genuine

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Huggy123 in reply to Qualipop

Thanks, I appreciate you taking time to reply

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