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No Results (scan)


so i had an echocardiogram which only lasted just over 5 minutes and then found out they had not bothered to do a full scan but now i have had no results, the results should of gone to my doctors as they requested it.

i have seen on here that some have waited several weeks and still having problems obtaining them.

has anyone else had issues getting their scan results?

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No problem getting mine,if your not happy ask your GP. to find out what the resuts say , i asked for a letter sent to me from echo. there again he always tells me to enjoy my life ? this ekg says i have right ventricle dilation ? mild but its fine ?


I had to chase my gp for my results, I got told at the scan I’d receive a letter but after waiting 3 weeks nothing. Trying to speak to someone at the drs was the hardest part, when I got though to a gp all they said was I had a 70% ejection fraction and not much else so wasn’t really helpful as I had questions.

Good luck 👍🏻👍🏻

i do have heart valve regurgitation and was more or less wanting to see if it was okay or had got worse and doctor was checking for something else.

i have been in touch today and no nothing has still come through, been told that they will chase it up next week, sigh.

still even when i found out about the result from years ago i never let it dictate what i could do but now for some reason my mobility has been lost which is why i am keen to see what is going on.

my problem is that when i went shopping on a number of occasions i went into loads of palps which nearly made me pass out and my B.P is now all over the place, ecg has also shown something.

the results will come it is a matter of when.

As of and still nothing through, i have tried ringing the hospital and my own doctors i am at a loss what to do next

seems like i may be following some others on here not been able to get their results for endless weeks

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