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A setback


Hi all. Hope everyone is doing ok. I have had a good few days. Following my mild heart attack and losing my Mum in the summer I have been hit with anxiety and depression.

I am being medicated and my GP says my heart is fixed and I am not to worry. Easier said than done!! This week has been a good week and I had a little taste of normal.

However today has been awful. The black pit of fear has returned and I have experienced palpatations, chest tightness and shooting pains in my head. I am sure it is all stress but I can’t help feeling what if it’s another HA or even a stroke.

How on earth do I get rid of this fear? Can anyone relate?

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Firstly it's good and encouraging news that you have had some days of feeling well. Please try not to feel too disheartened that you are not feeling well no, this can be a pattern when you have had stents and or experience anxiety and depression. Whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to stress or angina related they are still very real. Is the tightness in your chest relieved by taking your gym spray? If not and you continue to experience chest tightness visit your A&E Dept who should run some basic tests. If all is clear then you can at least have some peace of mind that it's not heart related and focus on more good days to come. Things will improve in time you are doing well

Harekatie in reply to Nathan53

Thank you Nathan53. I went to cardiac rehab and chatted to nurse. She wasn’t at all concerned and said it was anxiety. I haven’t felt the need to take gtn thankfully.

Hi there I no or should I say have some idea what u r feeling most would and u have had a lot more to deal with I have worked 22 years in mental health there is no simple fix medication. Helps but it’s only a sticking plaster get some good counselling MIND is free and very good but ur dr can Rrange for u see see someone I don’t want to go into details on here or give ad I e because I don’t have your full history Ur if it helps I was totally depressed after my heart attack because I was not a prime suspect for one being very fit and healthie non smoker drinker eat lots of fish hi ken red meat once a month ect u can pm me if u want to if I can help I be happy to god bless u


Perhaps some counselling would help if there is any available. Losing a parent can have a huge impact on anyone and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. If your GP is unable to help Cruise may be the answer with the depression.

Try and concentrate on the positive and appreciate the small things in life. Do you have any pleasant walks where you love. Sometimes getting out in the fresh air can be a huge uplift when you are feeling down. When I had chemotherapy treatment I used to take my dogs out (once the sickness etc - I will spare you the gory details - had worn off). Just being out in the fresh air made me feel glad to be alive and appreciate that I was.


Hi. I had a mild/ small heart attack 5 months ago. Before that I did have anxiety as part of menopause. I had acupuncture which worked brilliantly.

Then after heart attack it returned. Waking every night terrified nightmares etc

I have started accupuncture again and I have found it really good. I didn't really think it would work in either case. And remain quite sceptical .... BUT it has really helped me alleviated symptoms

Might be worth a try ......

Harekatie in reply to Snooley

I love acupuncture

Ask the cardiac nurse if they have a counceller our rehab team have. It's good that you have had days when you feel normal again and believe me you will get more and more of them I do find walking great for my mental wellbeing and I make a point of going out for a long walk every day. If you are still concerned about pain ask your doctor about it but I'm sure cardiac nurse is right hardly surprising your anxious after everything

In a word ‘counselling’! Talking through your issues helps and in time will possibly get you off the antidepressant etc. GP should be able to help but you can do this on your own - just run a search on the internet.

I have a great GP and I go to a counsellor which are both a great source of comfort


In a nutshell... (The brain / mind has a lot to answer for, as it is this that controls stress and blood pressure because if you are stressed it will and does affect your health!!!)

If at all possible for a number of reasons try join a yoga class.

This will certainly help in so many ways specifically with mind and body.

Take care

And try to see all the beautiful things that are around in nature.

I know the brain and heart are closely linked. It’s a tough time right now and I just want it to be better

I had a small heart attack nearly two years ago, I take my medication regularly, plenty of walking plus a sensible diet, with fish and chicken, vegetables and fruit. I have been very lucky, no anxiety attacks but I am kept very busy. Best wishes to you.

Harekatie in reply to Rosei

I would be ok if it wasn’t for the anxiety. I have been out on a craft workshop today and my chest pain has been awful because of my anxiety. I am home now and can feel it slowly getting easier x

Have you tried lowering your shoulders then take a deep breath in and slowly let it out try this 5 times this may help you a little.

Yes, I do find that helps. I have to remind myself to do it though

What's the worst that can happen. You are worrying to much. Try to relax, and get on with life. Just take the HA related drugs.. not others

Take care


Harekatie in reply to CharlesL

Thank you for your reply.

Hope you're being better by.now. Have you tried Reiki or meditation? They both help relaxation & I have been teaching them for many years. Clare

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