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Angiogram appointment

I have finally received my appointment for an angiogram in January 2018 so what am I doing ? panicking, I know I have had info on this site re angiograms and was told "nothing to worry about" however, with all the other tests I have had done, the angiogram is the one I'm worried about most, the info sent me states "that I can ask for sedation but I will be awake" I also have to go 4 days prior to my appointment for a pre admission, which I didn't have with the TOE, so is an angiogram more invasive than a TOE ?

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I have had several. I was a little anxious before the first one but it was a doddle. A bit of local anaesthetic and I honestly didn't feel a thing, I didn't even realise he had started. I've had a go on most hospital machines, my trips to hospital are very much like Alton Towers, and the angiogram was the second easiest, drays being the easiest. The worst was a bicycle exercise test which was murder. I've had angiograms in two hospitals, both were fine, not even uncomfortable and the staff were lovely.


Thank you for your reply, hopefully I will be fine on the day, I've waited weeks for this appointment and now it's here it's on my mind, not good for the Christmas. I did go for a stress test [ walking machine ] and was all wired up ready to go but they abandoned it because my blood pressure was so high and wouldn't go down, yet that morning at home my B/pressure was normal, I hope I don't have the same problem with the angiogram, stress is an awful thing.


Hi Bowler, don't panic it's nothing to be worried about. What they actually do is feed a tube through a vein either in the wrist or groin, and insert dye through the vein up to the heart. Then they can see how healthy your arteries are.

Whilst it is a strange sensation, it certainly wasn't painful in my experience. The staff explain everything as you go along. Afterwards they apply pressure to the vein to ensure it doesn't bleed, and gradually release the pressure over the following couple of hours. In my case the cardiologist explained the results that same afternoon. Afterwards you are not allowed to lift anything heavier than half a kettle of water for 48 hours. I hope this puts your mind at rest. Best of luck. Margaret


Hi. MKB38

The letter states that I will have the angiogram in the groin, your experience has given me some encouragement so thanks for that. I will have to organise my husband for aftercare as he cant' cook hot water, looks like I will have to do some pre cooked meals for a couple of days, he can use the microwave.

regards Pat


Yes I still hear it sometimes when I'm moooooooooooving about. Lol. Mx


I just looked up TOE. That sounds horrible. I could not do that awake.


Fortunately I was heavily sedated for that, and was away with the fairies. I could never have done it without it


Yes it is.


I had an angiogram after a cardiac "incident". Now, I am a complete coward and was really nervous. However, it was fine. The surgeon who performed it was a completely "cold fish" and hardly spoke but the rest of the nurses were fantastic. I would say it's just a strange warm feeling of something being threaded into your artery - in my case through the wrist - and there isn't really pain. It establishes exactly what's going on immediately so is a great procedure for diagnosis.

Afterwards, they put a sort of pressure bracelet onto your wrist to ensure no bleeding out. You return to the ward and have a cuppa and a sandwich. After fasting for a long time it tastes like manna from heaven!


I was the same after I had a TOE the tea tasted like nectar from the gods.

I seem to be getting positive reply's re the angiogram, so I will try not to think about it, easy said ! I'm having mine done through the groin, and wish it was the wrist, I wonder if it's the choice of the Dr. doing it whether it's the wrist or groin ? I have a leaky mitral valve, hence the TOE to confirm it, I do get some angina.


Hi Bowler

As fit 59 year old who loves Hiit training, cycling and hill walking to name but a few activities, I am a right wimp when it comes to anything medically related, My heart rate elevates when I am anywhere in the vicinity of a GP surgery or hospital and I might be be picking a prescription up for someone else, so I understand your worry.

I am still getting over the shock of being told I have Angina, got my appointment today too, Angiogram scheduled for early January, not looking forward to it. Try and stay positive and look at this as a step in the right direction as far as finding out how to best treat and manage your condition.

We will be able to compare notes going forward...

Try to have a nice festive break and take of your mind.




thank you Cube

Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I couldn't do the stress test as my b/pressure shot up so high that they wouldn't even start it, like you I just go to pick up a prescription or see a white coat and I can feel my heart racing, no wonder we have heart problems.

I'm a bit older than you at 73, but I always thought I was doing the right things in life, keeping fit, no smoking etc. and 9 st, 6 lbs. for my 5 ft 7 inch height, [ sorry I'm still in pounds and ounces ] however I have a brother who had a triple heart bypass at 60 he's still going strong at 70, so maybe it's in genes.

Yes it would be good to compare our experiences.

Have a good Christmas



Hi please don't worry about having angiogram it does not hurt and didn't take long to do. It is interesting watching the screen. Hope you get good results . Enjoy your Christmas x


Thank you plum53


best wishes bowler


I had mine done under sedation and didn't feel a thing


You have convinced me, I will ask for a sedative at the pre admission



I actually found the angiogram the easiest test after the echocardiogram. The TOE seemed unpleasant when I looked it up as these days some foods make me gag! For unpleasantness I thought the CT scan the worse. There are no images to look at and the reaction to the dye seemed stronger than with the angiogram. I suspect this may be related to the other drugs administered like the GTN spray. The headache I developed during/after the test was quite bad but a kindly member of staff got me a coffee and some biscuits which seemed to help.

They do offer a sedative to nervous patients. My pre-op before the angiogram measured height and weight, listening to my heart (I had had a ECG a week previously), taking my BP and taking MRSA swabs. I think this is because it is both classed as an imaging procedure and a surgical procedure (as they go into a main artery).


Like I said to jill222 I will definitely ask for a sedative. It's surprising how we all differ re tests, and nice to get all the opinions, good and bad, and thank you for your experience. I did have all those you mentioned [ pre op ] done before I had the TOE on the day, not 4 days before, a bit of a nuisance when the hospital is a 46 mile round trip.


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