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Cancelled AVR


My pre-op went well in Bristol and was all set to go in 4/10 for the op the next day. Certainly anxious and not enjoying being so stressed and then came the call to tell me that my surgery was cancelled. The wind went out of my sails instantly. I am told that it will be rescheduled for November sometime. Not in the best of places at the moment. I have since heard that there is a shortage of ICU nurses and my surgeon is going on holiday so at least it’s not because some other poor people need emergency ops.

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I'm sorry for you. It seems to be quite normal nowadays as the same thing has happened to some of my friends. So frustrating. Never mind November will soon arrive.

Just remember Bristol Heart Institute is outstanding and they would not have postponed your op unless they felt you were able to withstand the wait with no detrimental effects. They have to prioritise patients when demand outstrips supply of operation slots.That said, it;s so hard to be in the state where you are waiting. The more imagination you have the worse the wait I feel. Be careful about believing what you hear - Bristol is rife with rumours about the hospitals: lack of staff and holidays being the favourites. Anxiety is horrible. One thing that has helped me since my heart attack has been to learn to control my breathing to calm down. This was as a result of spending an hour with a yoga teacher. I need an operation but the "risks (of doing it) outweigh the benefits". I hope you have supportive family and friends - talking does help. Best wishes.

Hi, it must seem unfair to you but believe me it is worth the wait. My life was saved twice with 2 AVR surgeries in 5 weeks at Bristol Royal lnfirmary. My Consultant Hero surgeon Mr B. came in on his day off 01/01/17 and that is why l am still here and have just returned from a lovely holiday in Spain. All the teams of Doctors and nurses and even catering staff fall over themselves to truly care for you at the BRl .You are so lucky they are excellent. Please keep in touch with your journey, l am very interested as l spent 92 days there. Take care, Sue.

Winston61 in reply to kefalonia1

Thank you Sue. I was surprised how much the anxiety of the looming surgery got a grip of me to be honest. It’s also hard to juggle working full time and taking time out planning etc but I am over the disappointment and getting on with not thinking about it anymore. I am so glad that you are over your very traumatic experiences and hope you continue to be well now. I appreciate your post. Thank you, Joan x

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