Cancelled again!!!!!!

Just got a call from Glenfields and they have cancelled my operation again! Not very happy, to put it mildly. Told them that if they want to do pre-op tests again, cos it will take me over the six weeks they have set for tests to op, that I'm having them done at Lincoln, I'm not travelling all the way to Leicester. Apparently they have now listed me for admission on 31 Oct, let's see if that happens!


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  • Hi Wendy, so sorry, that must be so irritating I can see why you are so cross. Hopefully the 31st will be good

  • Hi Wendy, thats really bad news - the anxiety waiting is bad enough but I know I became even more anxious just before the day of the operation and part of that was due to the knowledge that it could be delayed at the last minute - and yet we keep being told that the NHS is not underfunded!! I'm sure the surgeons and the whole team share your frustration and anger.

    Fingers crossed for the 31st.


  • Thanks Steve. Only had about 2-3 hours sleep last night and I think part of that was worrying it might get cancelled again. Had to ring work to let them know I'll be back again tomorrow and to rearrange my cover again! My husband is a supervisor so he's having to cancel the arrangements he'd made for work. Off to unpack my bags and then need to go shopping to get some supplies in. I think chocolate is going to be top of my list!!!!


  • Oh no, how frustrating! Fingers crossed for the 31st and hope you enjoy the chocolate, at least x

  • Hi Wendy so sorry to hear that your op has been cancelled again, I know how you feel as it happened to me in 2007. You feel so anxious and the worry of cancellation doesn't help. Fingers crossed for the 31st.


  • How annoying Wendy, in that respect I was one of the lucky ones. I was admitted on Tuesday 30th March ready for my op on Wednesday 31st, so far so good. On the Wednesday I had my antiseptic bath, took my premeds and was all ready for the off when my op was cancelled.

    This was due to the 1st down having complications and the op taking a lot longer than first thought - I couldn't complain about that.

    I was worried they would send me home but I was kept in and the operation was scheduled for Friday 2nd June (first down) and it all went ahead.

    The trouble is that heart operations are become more and more frequent and emergencies will always trump routine (which we tend to be)

    Knowing this doesn't help with the stress though. I hope you are admitted on the 31st Oct as now scheduled - every thing is crossed.

  • I am so sorry to hear this Wendy, what a roller coaster of emotions you must be experiencing, fingers crossed for 31st.

    Love and hugs 🤗

    Dory x❤️💕❣️

  • Oh no, not again! Poor you. I'm sure there must have been a very good reason, but that's no consolation to you. I'll keep everything crossed for next time.


  • Oh no thats awful it hasn't even entered my head that this could happen ! Once I get a date and arrange the time off with work it would be virtually impossible to re arrange :( So sorry this has happened to you Wendy x

  • Sorry to hear that, fingers crossed 🤞 for the 31st x

  • Go through the PALS, which is patient complaint just explain about the situation they may be able to act as a go between. This is so not right happening twice. Surgeon and team tell you to avoid stress. Some kind of joke really. It's not a exactly a bad day kind of stress this is your health. Let's hope this happens on 31st. It may be worth while talking to PALs just to shelve of your frustration.

  • I'll give them one more chance and if the cancel the 31st as well then I will definitely get in touch with PALS.

  • So sorry Wendy, fingers crossed for the 31st

    In the mean time find the biggest chocolate 🍫

    bar 💕

  • I like your thinking - lots of yummy things I think 😜

  • Yes best of luck 😊

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