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Help with Holiday Insurance


Hello Community,

I am looking for some help please. In 2006 I suffered a Heart Attack from which I fortunately recovered and returned to full employment until my retirement in 2011. My health is good and I have no further issues relating to my Heart Attack in 2006. My age is now 71 and my wife and I have decided to go on our first cruise at Christmas and are now trying to sort out appropriate insurance to cover me for the period of the cruise. We have had somewhat of a shock at the premiums the insurers we have approached are looking to charge. Can anyone please recommend an insurer who they have used and who does not want to charge ridiculously high premiums. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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Hi Souledout

There is a pinned post in this forum on the topic of 'Travel and life insurance with a heart condition'. I would think that your HA being 12 years ago and your present good health should work in your favour.

Alternatively, enter 'Travel Insurance' in the Search Box at the top of this forum. (I haven't looked myself, but I seem to recall that people have suggested Staysure and Saga previously).

I hope you are able to find affordable cover and enjoy your cruise.

Good luck.

souledout in reply to IanMK

Thanks and after sending me message I found the link for travel insurance - I should have looked first. I have had a look and a company called "Insurewith" comes up a number of times. I have checked them out and they have been going since 1996 and seem very financially sound so will ask them for a quote.

Cheers, souledout

We use Insurancewith for our cruises.

souledout in reply to sue2002

Thanks Sue and I will be checking them out as they seem to be recommended by quite a few community members.

Cheers, souledout

DAFFODILLS in reply to souledout

I'm with Admiral I've got cruise cover for 1 million and it cost £131for a year

souledout in reply to DAFFODILLS

Sounds a very good deal will try Admiral

souledout in reply to sue2002

Thanks Sue and Insurewith keeps cropping up so we will be trying them.

Goodtogo insurance are very good...sensible and reasonably priced.

souledout in reply to daisy2311

Thanks Daisy and will give them a try.

I had a similar problem after an AF incident in April. Eventually I found Free Spirit to be most helpful and surprisingly inexpensive. Might be worth a try? (0800 170 7704, after 8.00 M/F). Good luck!

Thanks John and will certainly give them a try.

Its a nightmare. I am off to USA in November. Eventually got a deal with the Post Office at the bargain price of £500 LOL. Try some of the comparison sites.

souledout in reply to MrsR57

Thank you, never thought about trying the Post Office but will give them a go.

I joined a local Women's Institute group, then joined their group travel insurance policy with Open Travel for £195 per annum, worldwide multitrip.... After having been rejected by 42 companies due to my various heart conditions.

Thanks Claire and will see if they will insure me as an individual.

Hi, I’m nearly 18 months post heart attack and doing well also. For a family holiday to Spain this summer I used Staysure as I’d read good things about them and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable their prices are. Hope this helps and happy holidays when the time comes x

souledout in reply to Kazzie50

Thanks Kazzie, we have tried Staysure but they were very expensive based upon my answers to their questions online.

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