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Painful stomach


My first post, I had my MI 8 weeks ago and stent fitted. I have been put on the usual medications and all has been fine, except I have been suffering from immense upper stomach pain, so pain full that I had to visit A&E at 4 am this morning concerned re pain across chest and stomach. Heart was confirmed ok and given codeine for the pain which made no difference then sent home. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with inflamed stomach lining? Thanks

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Are you on omeprazole or similar to protect your stomach against the aspirin?

Milster in reply to Chriskho

Yes I’m on Lansoprazole, 30mg twice a day, but still having inflammation of the stomach lining ☹️

Chriskho in reply to Milster

I had to go to a&e twice after my MI with strong pains. For me was told not to take ramipril at the same time of day as bisoprolol ....and much later found that the constant stomach pain and tight breathing ( mostly in the evenings) stopped when I started having lacto free milk instead of normal . Had swapped backward and forward with antacids beforehand. Hope you get some answers and relief soon. Cx

I was like that at first and my GP just told me to double ranitidine from 300mg to 600 mg just for a few days. I was terrified because the only pain i Had with my heart attack was that stomach pain. I'm allergic to the PPIs so ranitidine is all I can take and I do worry about the long term effects of the tablets. Talk to your GP .

Milster in reply to Qualipop

I worry too, I’ll ask the rehab nurse and GP. Thanks x

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