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Discharge from hospital ..... the journey starts here


Got told on Tuesday morning they wanted to discharge me Tuesday not Wednesday so doctor asked for my echocardiogram which was scheduled for the 9th but this hadn’t been performed to his annoyance he said get it done straight away so patient can be discharged . The nurses liased with Rustington and they were happy to receive me so we were almost good to go . They removed the last of my suchers from where the drains had been and I waited to go for echocardiogram. I was eventually taken down at 2.pm and taken in for it doing I told the guy to be very gentle around the breastbone as it was quite tender he said I’ll try , I said you won’t try you will be gentle or I’m off the table ........ not usually like me must have been having a moment. He was gentle and we got it done he said everything looked good and as I was interested he showed me the pictures he’d taken if my new valve working ..... Wow .... I was awestruck !!! that was my new valve passing blood through my heart it brings it home exactly what had taken place in the last 6 days . If I had it on video I’d be playing it over and over again just to make sure it was real .

My bag of medications arrived and I was taken down to passenger transport at 4pm a car had been arranged to take me to Rustington and I shared it with one other patient whom we dropped off on the way we set off at 5.10pm unfortunately rush hour in London is a bloody nightmare and we were stuck in traffic stationary for long periods of time a journey that should have taken 1 hour 20 minutes took 3 hours but I was just glad to eventually arrive they had finished supper as it was 8.15 pm but had saved me some homemade soup and a salad which was lovely. Had a bad night due to lack of pain relief I needed more than paracetamol but that’s all I had I told the nurse in the morning at our first meeting and she arranged for the local doctor to do a prescription and the stronger drugs should arrive by 4pm.

Rustington is an amazing place it overlooks the beach and the sea and my room has the most fabulous view up and down the beach. The food is incredible I’m going to be Billy Bunter when I leave here so need to be careful .during my first full day yesterday it was nice to meet other people here who had come from operations or were here for respite from being Carers to their partners a real mixed bag most had been here before I was one of the few newbys .i got myself settled in an electric adjustable chair in one of the lounges and just chilled it was ace !!. When they all went for afternoon tea and homemade cakes at 4pm I decided to miss it and do some walking up and down the long corridors as it was drizzling outside. .unfortunately 4pm came and went and even though the nurse chased it the medication didn’t arrive so I’m on my second night without adequate pain relief you must keep your rolled up towel with you at all tomes to hold to your chest as I’m coffing a little tonight just bringing up a bit of flem and as everyone who has had this done will tell you coughing and sneezing are your two main enemies in fact it’s bloody painful. That’s why I’m writing to you at 03.12am on thursday morning My feet and legs are swollen but apparently this is normal and will eventually go down so don’t worry. If it happens to you. Tomorrow ( later today infact ) I need to do more walking and hopefully in the grounds weather permitting .

Sam my friend from the HDU at St Thomas is improving all the time her own pacemaker is kicking back in more everyday and they may be removing her pacing wires on Friday and she won’t have to have a pacemaker fitted I’m so chuffed for her as she will soon be able to go home to her family .

Remember everyone’s journey is different someone replied to my last message saying they went in hospital had the operation done next day was in HDU for 1 day then discharged after 2 days back on ward now after I think it was 6 weeks swims 20 lengths and walks 6 miles a day how fantastic is that ............if you’re having it done sometime in the future I hope you all have a similar journey to the gentleman in question . I’m one week into my journey so if after another 5 weeks I’m swimming 20 lengths and walking 6 miles I’ll be chuffed to bits all I know is I won’t let this oportiunity I’ve been given be wasted as currently I don’t have any other ailments and there’s a life that needs living.

I’m 200 miles away from home yet I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to my family and friends than i do now they all ring me individually every day my best mate phones up and we talk for ages about “ crap” he was telling me about his visit to the doctors yesterday and it turned out to be a female doctor and she had to swab behind his foreskin as it had been sore and all he was bothered about was that it was a cold day and his little “friend” had really gone into a deep sleep and she didn’t see him in his best light !!! . I was in stitches literally.... I told him mate she’s only your doctor not a future partner she doesn’t care ....... he said that’s not the point .......... us men are so fickle in situations like that ...... but it was just what I needed a good laugh. Sometimes your mates don’t realise how much they are helping you when they are just being your mate it brings back the reality we crave for

Big hugs and kisses to all of you whether your post op pre op or haven’t decided yet !!!!! Lol 😂😂😂😂

Take care

Pete ❤️❤️

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Fantastic post Pete. So pleased to hear your progress and brilliant for others who are about to embark on this journey to read such details. I hope the pain relief is sorted out soon. Hugs and kisses back. Zena x

Ticktock61 in reply to Zena166

Thanks Z

My darling

Pete ❤️

Excellent news ticktock... Now get down for that afternoon tea later 😂😂😂😂

Will do my friend ❤️

Hi Pete, it seems as if your sense of humour is helping you through the pain. I still take co-codamol for pain in my breastbone. Rustington sounds like a relaxing place, I never had that luxury. I went and stayed with my Brother and Wife as I live on my own.

Be good and enjoy the rest. Look forward to your posts. Andy

Ticktock61 in reply to AndtH

Hi Andy

Your right it is !!!

All my family have medical issues of their own to deal with and my best mate did invite me stay but they have 5 kids in the house and as I’m supposed to be relaxing this seemed the best option. Good look going forward my friend hope you soon become pain free

Pete ❤️❤️

MichaelJHHeart Star

Hi, I had to wait in the discharge lounge for four hours for my tramadol and am glad I did. What I found was that I needed it morning and evening for the first week after discharge and in the evening only for the second week. Lying awake because of pain is both uncomfortable and exhausting. I am three months on and still cannot swim 20 lengths (could not swim before either!) or walk six miles! But then we all start from different points and recover at different rates.

Interesting to hear about Rustington as it is the sort of care many people might need because of circumstances. Enjoy the cakes this afternoon - I am partial to lemon drizzle cake nut it has to be slightly tart rather than sweet

Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi Michael

I’ll tell the chef for you that like a tart to be as tarty as possible !!! Lemon that is lol 😂😂😂

Pete ❤️

Great you seem to be in a more positive place Pete, both mentally and physically. Long may it last. Hope the painkillers situation gets sorted. And glad to hear the positive news about Sam. Good luck with the recovery! Nic

Ticktock61 in reply to Nic25

Hi Nic

Thank you ❤️

pms Pete great to hear about your progress I now have my date for op 10th Oct Glenfield Leicester hoping I can sound as upbeat as you a week after !! Keep rocking along pal and hope you're mates foreskin improves lol😂

Ticktock61 in reply to Rugbymad

Hi Rugbymad

Thanks for your message pal and I my mate does too 😂😂

What fantastic news about you getting your date ........only 4 weeks away I remember getting that phone call well ( unless yours was letter form ) it sticks in your brain where you were at the time etc as it’s such a major life event.

If there is anything you want to ask me direct on a 1-1 basis at the top of your screen on the BHF website there is an icon that says chat all you have to do is type in ticktock61 and we can chat without others reading it . If you need me I’m there 24/7 for you mate I’ve always got my phone on me and can reply straight from my phone. Over the coming days it’s likely you’ll have a roller coaster of emotions that’s natural just go with the flow mate


Rugbymad in reply to Ticktock61

Cheers pal will be in touch !

Hi Pete

I just love your attitude! You make me smile every day:-) Off to London today and op scheduled for 11am tomorrow - catch you on the other side!


Ticktock61 in reply to LauraUK

Hi Laura

That’s great news you will soon be on the road to recovery like me I hope you got the old fashioned button up PJs you were after . Remember I’m only at the end of the phone

, message me individually as you have previously anytime you want and I’ll try to help as much as I can

Good luck and I’ll be thinking about you sweetheart . Today is the beginning of the rest of your life just do what your told, stay positive and the support is there if you need it

Digital hugs

Pete ❤️❤️

I know you are not lucky to have a valve replaced, but you are quite lucky to have it done in London where you can go to recuperate.

In the 1980s my youngest son used to go to Brompton Frimley, the heart ops from Brompton Hospital used the place for recuperation, it was a lovely place, it is now a housing estate.

Here in the Midlands, we go to the Northen General, Sheffield for heart ops, after five days and given that all is well, you go home..

So pleased all is well for you, do hope you get some pain killers and get a good nights sleep.

I should have said that you were unlucky to need a valve replaced.

Glad to see humour is still there even if pain relief isn’t Loz xx

Ticktock61 in reply to Beekite

Cheers Beekite

Pete ❤️

Glad to hear you’re doing so well!! x

Thank you sweetheart x

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