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22 years of heart problems but now they have become worse

22 years ago I had my first heart valve replacement. Endocarditis another valve replacement. Bouts of Atrial fibrillation, Super ventricular fibrillation and a ICD implant. I thought I was going to live a long life. Since the second valve replacement I have had Atrial flutter and have been 100% ventricular paced. This has not been a problem except when trying do short high physical Jobs. Life has been good but last week I have found out that my heart is not coping and I am in heart failure. Both my aortic and mitral values have mild regurgitation and a global hypokinesis with severe left ventricular systolic impairment. These where detected by an echocardiogram I had in July. The bad part is that I only got to know because my GP sent me a letter to collect an extra prescription. I asked what it was about and they gave me a copy of the letter the consultant had sent them.

I swim regularly 2 to 3 miles a week but am worried that this might be shortening my life. I have a young 8 year old son and want to do so much with him whilst I have the energy. Does anybody know if exercise is a help or a hinderance? I have taken it as a reality check but I am now very scared that I have not got long left.

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So sorry you have your heart problems, you should discuss your fears with your cardio nurse/Dr. Wish you all the best of luck and health 💐

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I'm so sorry. I fully understand your worry. I think you should ask to see the cardiologist urgently to have it all explained to you with the possible implications. I can't believe you only found out by chance. If you struggle to get an appointment, contact PALS. My problems are much less than yours, , a heart attack and stents but I found the lack of explanations was the worst and most worrying part of it. If it's any help, my mum didn't have your problems but she was diagnosed with heart failure aged about 29 and lived to be 69 without anything affecting her lifestyle


It is good to know that you can live with heart failure a lot of years. I am only 55 . Still working, I am now thinking of taking early retirement.


My mother is 92. She’s had afib for almost 30 yrs with nitro-valve problems and recently diagnosed with heart failure. She has a pacemaker. She always exercised, ate well and lived a healthy life. Her age seems to be the only thing causing her some difficulties now, but she is still active and has energy. Hopefully in your lifetime, things will improve with the treatment for our hearts.

She exercises daily to stay strong and keep in shape.


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