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Washed out after angina events.


First of all i would like to express my thanks for your kind welcome.

Have had a few angina attacks recently my own fault i must add, overdoing it in this heat. Normally i would get over this fairly quickly but recently it has made me feel very fatigued most of the time. I do have CHD with many stents and other heart arteries being treated at the present with loads of medication. Unfortunately i also have other gastro issues so its not always easy to work out which is the culprit. Thanks Graeme.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome! I cannot recall you posting previously so a welcome to the forum even if done previously.

My angina deteriorated in the run up to my bypass as it seemed to progress from Stage II to Stage III/IV with signs of it becoming unstable.

Have they considered a bypass?

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to MichaelJH

Just a thought - are you on a GTN spray, an anti-anginal (like isosorbide mononitrate) or both?

Hi Michaeljh i am on considerable medication including betablocer an warfarin for afib.

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