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Car Insurance after angina

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Hello my car insurance Is due for renewal, do I have to disclose I as diagnosed with angina and have 2 stents fitted. Doctor said my heart muscle is in good condition no heart attack just one valve which had to be stented so do insurance needs to be advised

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skid112Heart Star

Hi Lynne, always best to declare. I don't think it will affect your premium but anything not declared could be used to invalidate any claims

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There is a list of medical conditions on the DVLA website that you can check against to see if you need to inform them. Yiu do not need to tell them of stents/bypass but you do for some aneurisms. It also gives the minimum period you must refrain from driving for the type of surgery you had. As mentioned do inform your insurance company to avoid any future issues.

The link is:-

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Prada47 in reply to MichaelJH

Insurance company only need to be told if you have been told to inform the DVLA of your condition. As told to me by my Insurance Company yesterday. Mind I did take a note of date and time I called should it come back to haunt me later !!!


Frank W


I had a HA just before Christmas, had stent fitted. You do not need to tell DVLA but advise insurance. My insurers were absolutely fine and charged no additional fees, as they were on my daughters insurannce (named driver). Always best to advise them I think

Hi Lynne, yes you have to tell your insurers but it won't be a problem, legally they are not allowed to discriminate against you or increase your premium because of your medical condition. Definately check out the DVLA website but just be aware if in doubt tell them, especially if you take medication. It's better to be safe than sorry. My husband has heart failure, has an ICD fitted & takes a number of tablets, DVLA knows and so long as he tells them of any changes he's still allowed to drive

Forgot to say I wrote the Time, Date and who I spoke to on my Policy Document..

Frank W

I don’t Drive but I guess u need to be honest with them.

Thanks everyone for your posts, I am an honest soul by nature my cardio nurse didn’t think I needed to but I was unsure so I will call them Monday.

I had a stroke in January and a bypass in June. My insurance told me (when I told them) that as long as the doctors were okay with me driving they were fine with me driving and it made no difference to the cost.

My understanding is that as long as you have notified the DVLA and they given the ok for you to drive insurance companies do no need to be informed. There is a list of medical conditions on the DVLA website and guidance which may help you.

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