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Difficult to accept my angina 😖

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Hi ladies and gents ,

I'm new here and finding it hard to accept my angina although my angina is definitely more than accepting me ! 🤦‍♀️

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I think by reading the posts on here you will see all of us are struggling to accept what's wrong with us I take it it's early days for you and you haven't known long. Try to stay positive I know that's easier said than done I have really bad days sometimes knowing I'm never going to be the person I was before but then I look at all the positive things in my life good luck with it all

Hi and thanks, yeah very early days like a week now , best wishes to you 😊

Hi. As Jaspip says everyone with a heart condition at some time has struggled to come to terms with it. Certainly it’s been a rollercoaster for me. But try and stay strong. Voice your feelings thoughts and emotions I went to counselling and it helped. Take up the offer of cardiac rehab that helps with increasing confidence The good days now outweigh the bad ones and I have been able to move forward from last year. As you get to know how your body reacts to different situations so will your ability to cope. Take care and sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs. Zena x

Thank you that's lovely, I think becoming disabled over the last 2 year's due to degenerative disc disease in my spine top and bottom with bulging discs and server nerve damage through out my body, well that was enough to deal with and now this , I've been waiting 18 months for my counselling but still nothing, I have a 5 year-old boy and I can't even care for him now but he keeps me going he's a lovely little boy, thank you again much appreciated xx

I’m with you, stented now, cardiac rehab and I’m still not getting how something that feels so minor has affected me so much. I know it’s not minor, but the symptoms were so vague!!

Sorry to hear that , my dad was exactly the same as you and after his stents was put in now 2 years later he's suffering again, and well now I am diagnosed too , I can hardly move around it's awful, best wishes to you and thank you x

Hi, I'm sorry you're having such problems. I've got angina too. (It was the only thing I inherited from my grandfather!) also Cardiomyopathy from my mother.

As I'm a complementary therapist & healer I could send you distant healing with crystals & reiki if you like. Just let me know.

Have you taught your little boy yet how to use the phone to call your doctor or to call 999 if you are very unwell? My daughter is teaching her 3 year old son to do that.

Wishing you all the very best. Clare

As an interim measure you might like to consider IAPT. This NHS site gives you access to self referral to therapies. You just type in your postcode and it will give you details of what is available in your area nhs.uk/Service-Search/Psych...

18 months is way too long so perhaps you can contact your surgery and see if they can identify where you are on the list or if you have been lost in the system which sounds possible. Or your spinal team or cardiac team maybe able to refer you to a health psychologist. Keep nagging (my partner says I’m very good at it- don’t know what he means!) it’s important that you get the support you need so that you have all the coping strategies to deal with your health issues. Sending love and hugs to you and your family. Zena x

Thank you I'll look into it , knowledge is power and all that , as for counselling well every appointment with any of my doctors that's the one thing I always manage to forget to mention lol but I know I need it .. been feeling mostly down of late , not sure if that the effect of the angina or just a bit of everything that's going on .. hey ho I'll get there as we all do eventually just takes some people longer I guess ..

Once again much appreciated 🤗 best wishes,

Love and hugs to you and your family too xx

Just dropped by to wish you well ... l hope you get the treatment that helps. You're not alone !! Great forum with fantastic people - keep us posted. David

Thank you , yeah it's a great place , best wishes to you too 😊

Hi it’s 6 weeks since my stents and I have found it very difficult to accept. Why me. I ate healthy, cycled 100 miles a week and lifted weights.

Now things are looking up, back on my bike, back in the gym and slowly not being so scared.

Try to focus on the good things and accept your new limitations.

Take care


Hi and well done sounds like your doing great , I'm sure one day I'll be there too , thanks for taking time to talk , everyone is so helpful here ..

Take care and keep up the good work x

Sending you hugs 🤗

This forum is great for support and advice.. pleased you found us.. it's been of immense help to me.. keep on keeping on and enjoy whatever you can do 😊

Keep us posted on your progress and best wishes to you and your father ☺️

Hi and thanks,

Unfortunately because of my disability I'm unable to anything so this is why I'm struggling right at this moment I suppose,

Best wishes and take care xx

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