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Hi disciple here


I don’t understand why my GP wants to increase my meds next week I am on bisoprolol 1.25 Iverbradine 5mg twice a day my question is this my blood pressure is 100/55 pulse average between 55 /65 yet she wants to increase. Even though they knock me out I have never ever had high blood pressure. Nor a high pulse although without meds my pulse is around 70 plus I take statings Asprin and clopidogrel I am 5 weeks post stent one only I had a nstemi with only a 40 percent block but they put the stent in while they were there maybe as I work there they wanted to keep me saf3 lol who knows I had a 52percent lvd so not to bad start rehab in 3 weeks. Walking half a mile at least everyday feel well in body my head as not caught up I have asthma so need to be carful with beta blockers

Thanks for reading advice would be great

Ps the hope is to increase up to 10mg bisopolol good for the heart not the breathing


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hi there,

Did you ask your GP why they feel it necessary to increase the dosage?

Yeah it was on my discharge letter to increase until can’t tolorate anymore. In other words when I can’t breath or on the floor then stop

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Thanks no I just took my bp it was 95/60 heart rate 56 I really don’t like taking pills but no I have to I would have thought the lower u can get away with the better my body is full of bruises. Feel like I am back in the boxing ring all be it 40 years ago

And I do question everything dr is only following advice from cardiologist. Wanted to raise the Ford 3 weeks ago but said better to wait till it’s cooler or u be on the deck almost there. Anyway

I’ve had my heart meds increased, I’ve been told that is safe and needed until my heat copes then I’ve had them lowered wen safe.

I just went fir a walk had to sut down after 200 yd yet when cold I do half a mile easy

I’m doing more now but I’m feeling fitter than I did in the winter

That’s good to hear if I could get rid of my palpitations I be on top of the world

I deffo understand that I’ve had some scary palpitations before

Had every test all negative. It’s really not in my head I wish it. Was cuz I have the skills to deal with that lol they just come on for hours like 20 to 30 every min go on for hours then just stopb

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