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“Inside health” Radio 4 31/07/18

Interesting article on radio 4. Regarding low dose aspirin. New research indicates that those above 70kg would benefit from a larger dose. The current dose for people with a higher weight carries all the risk of bleeding but might not be enough to actually help with preventing further incidents by making the blood less sticky. A double dose or 75 mg twice a day was discussed.

Something for us people heavier than 70 kg to speak to the doctors about.

This related to heart and stroke issues and also cancers.

Should be available on iPlayer if your interested.



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Think I will need to discuss with my GP or cardiologist next time I see them. I am well over 70kg - not overweight but overheight! 😎


Hi here is the link to the research itself thelancet.com/journals/lanc...

This was a review of existing data rather than a specific randomised clinical trial testing specific aspirin doses. So it will be interesting to see how this develops in the future. I am actually on a trial where they are comparing Ticagrelor and placebo vs Ticagrelor And aspirin post stenting with a view to continuing with Ticagrelor rather than aspirin but that isn’t weight adjusted either. I am sure it will be an interesting debate in the coming months/years. Thanks for highlighting this. Zena


I read that aspirin dose over 100mg can reduce the effect of ticagrelor.


Am 5 months post op 5x bypass my surgeon has put me on 300mg aspirin per day for first year


Yes it’s one of the questions I will be raising with my cardiologist. I have resisted the temptation to add another 75mg until I can speak to the doctors and make sure it does not interact badly with the function of Ticagrelor


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