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Hi . Recovering from severe heart failure diognosed back in April.Feeling better now but have gained enlarged heart and irregular heart beat.On all usual meds exept Digoxin has been replaced with Amiodarone before one more cardio version.All seems ok but the picture looks a bit bleak due to my EF being impaired medical terminology.Im 56 and was very fit any one similar.cheers Worried!

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I was diagnosed with heart failure last year with dilated cardiomyopathy. EF of 25%. I’ve gone through various diagnostics (echo, ECGs, angiogram and MRI) and I’m presently being treated by an EP. I am fortunate in being able to be treated privately. This saved time in the diagnosis and scheduling of treatments compared to the NHS. I had an ablation a month ago and the aim/expectation is that correcting my arrhythmia will allow my heart function to improve. If ablation alone is not sufficient then a pacemaker is an option. I was trying to avoid amiodarone because of it’s potentially serious side effects but my EP has just started me on a low dose. He has assured me that it is safe if it is only used for a short period.

I’m 63. Although I didn’t exercise as such, I was very active and expect to get back to my previous fitness level. The future need’t be bleak if you seek-out care. There seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery so find a GP you can work with and look for a good cardiologist in your area. I hope this helps.

All the best.


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Hi Ian.Went private to see my same consultant he’s giving me another cardioversion in 4wks when Amniodrone settles in he says he will look again after procedure hoping it stays in normal rythem it’s just the waiting.hope everything goes ok for u.

Hi Dboy61 , have exactly the same diagnosis, on digoxin and maximum meds. Can’t have pacemaker because of recent endocarditis and my EP doesn’t like ablation. Three failed cardioversions. Just waiting to see what they’ll come up with next, although stem cell treatment has recently done wonders for some dilated cardiomyopathy patients. If you look back in my posts You’ll find a recent article on it.

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Hi. Am thinking of getting a second opinion on catheter ablation,as some research says it may work. My specialist just mentioned pacemaker after 3 cardioversion if this fails.

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