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Worried 😯 about 2018

The New Year is here but I start the year with my mind filled with worry and some fear 😱

I saw my surgeon on 20th Dec have had a few tests between Christmas and New Year.

I'm awaiting appointment for Surgical Pre-med assessment.

Then the date of my surgery.

The surgeon has said that my valve surgery is a little more difficult than normal. Plus during the tests they discovered a hole in my heart which they want to repair at same time.

I am at the moment not to bad. But I am worried sick and dreading the date for my op.

Im worried 😯 about complications or what can go wrong.

I'm getting really anxious and feeling depressed about it all.

Wondering why me! it's all one of my worst fears.

I know my heart is broken and know something is wrong with it.

I know need the surgery even though I am well at the moment.

Otherwise I could end up with severe heart failure and life will be shortened.

Is there anyone who feels the same?

I am scared

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It is perfectly understandable that you are feeling scared. Heart surgery is a big op but these days it is amazing what they can do. I have had heart surgery twice, the most recent one being an aortic valve replacement at the beginning of November.

There are a lot of us on here who have gone through heart surgery so please ask any questions you have and hopefully we will be able to give you some reassurance.

I suggest you make a note of anything you want to ask the surgeon about as it very easy to forget and things once you get there. But they are very good and will explain everything to you.

Take care and try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know.



Hi Big T,

pretty normal to be scared, it is a big operation of that there is no doubt. Your surgeon however is well trained and has experience. As Wendy has said make a list of questions and ask, get them to talk your through the op, what happens post op and then after care, it may help ease your worries. Ask on here, many of us have had open heart surgery and can relay our own experiences, good and bad and give tips both pre and post op

take care



I understand how you feel as you face heart surgery it is a worry time but try to keep positive.

I had a mitral valve repair in 2007 but the repair has failed and I am now on the waiting list for a mechanical valve. My first thought was that I didn't want to go through surgery again but like you I would finish up with heart failure if I didn't.

As Mark and Wendy say make sure you ask your surgeon lots of questions and this site is also a great place for support.

Best wishes and try not to worry too much.



It is all very worrying and I am sure that is normal I am struggling after having a pacemaker fitted which is nothing like what you are facing. Unfortunately we cannot help how our minds work so we just have to go with the flow and trust the doctors, good luck

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Hi and Happy New year to you ...i was only diagnosed the week before Christmas and was phone by the hospital to start immediate intense medication I am awaiting a angiogramme to find out the best course of action ...i too am scared witless , but at least i am now under supervision...but what came back to me over Christmas is I remember that my Dad went through a triple bypass back in the day at the age of 54 ..he went on to live to the ripe old age of 86 and something else got him in the end ...he did have a pacemaker fitted in later years but he took it in his stride .I think how far the treatment has come now and just try and take each day as it comes


My father and his father both dropped dead as a result of CVD. Whilst I may not feel 100% at the moment and am obviously concerned about the bypass surgery (it would be abnormal not to be) at least there is an option they did not have. Last week I mentioned someone in his eighties who had a bypass in his fifties. It turns out that over the holiday period he had his 90th!


Definitely agree with you, Mrs Bee. It's amazing what can be done to help heart patients at the moment and that is only going to keep improving over time. I was diagnosed with heart failure six years ago and even in that short time frame I've benefitted from new and improved treatments that weren't available to me previously. Good luck with your tests and treatment :)

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Thankyou kindly ...i am very glad I joined this forum it has taken a lot of the fear away xxx


Very good sound advice

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When it comes to being worried about complications and what can go wrong while in surgery you should put that down to negative feedback on your part. That's what your surgeons are paid and trained for. They have to see deal and act accordingly before anything thing form's. I was worried as along with any member on this site who are having or had surgery.

But you take care and get well soon my friend I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your speedy recovery.

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