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Edwards Inspiris Resilia prosthetic aortic valve. Which hospitals do them?



This is my first post and i thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

I have a congenital, bicuspid aortic valve with a very severe leak. I am seeing my surgeon for the first time at the LGi (Leeds) on August 1st.

I am 51 years young, i am a runner, i am a wine merchant and i have 2 young kids and a hectic life.

I have like everyone else on here toiled with which heart valve to go with.

1. I have decided that a mechanical valve is not for me because i am not organised enough to monitor myself correctly, i struggle to take one pill per day. Also as i stated above i am a wine merchant and have had a love for wine all my life. I want to continue drinking whenever i like without monitoring myself.

2 The thought of open heart surgery again in a few years does not appeal too much either so that rules out the pigs / cows valve.

3. Edwards Inspiris Resilia prosthetic aortic valve is the valve i would like. The reason behind this is simple. The way i see it is that even if the Edwards Inspiris Resilia prosthetic aortic valve does not last 25 years it is likely to last longer than option 2.

Agree with me or not i have made my decision so my question is which hospitals in the Uk are currently fitting the Edwards Inspiris Resilia prosthetic aortic valve?

Thank You


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"Professor Giovanni Mariscalco at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester."

"Professor Giovanni Mariscalco is a consultant cardiac surgeon at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust."


The operation costs the NHS £15,000-20,000.

what does a normal heart valve cost?

Around £20,000

Thank you Pete. I have paid a fortune in taxes so i hope i deserve what i want..

Also Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital along with a number of London hospitals - from memory including Brompton and Guys. Thought the valve was still bioprosthetic but with a special treatment that slowed calcification right down. Has to be said that none of these valves have been in 25 years but studies with other Edwards valves have demonstrated lives of 17 - 19 years in a fairly large sample of recipients so claims seem realistic. Good luck in your search for your solution.

Hi Johnny - sorry I don’t know the answer but it sounds like a very good choice. I’m 58 with a 14 year old daughter and plan to be active into my old age (aiming for 96!) so Edwards sounds good! I’m goi g to St Thomas’s next week and hopefully meeting my surgeon so will ask him. Where are you going?

Hi Alison I am 51 with 7 & 9 year old daughters. I will settle for 80 and a quick end... I go to the surgeon next Wednesday. Please let me know how you get on and i will do the same...

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You may settle for 80 now.....wait until you're 79 then say it lol. Your daughters will be in their late thirties...and the there will be grand children ( I hope for you) To be honest there isn't a good time to go....it will always be inconvenient. Lol. Good luck Johnny. Roy

I am going to LGI (Leeds)

thanks for sharing this .. I have aortic regurgitation and this looks like the most sensible option .. IMO should be an option across the board

Hi It might be a choice everyone can make but just not in every hospital yet. NHS choices!

Basildon hospital

thank you

Update- The valve i require can apparently be used and hopefully fitted at Leeds.

I’m seeing surgeon tomorrow so will let you know which valve - I think it’s the one you mentioned. When are you having your procedure??


I live close to Leeds and was wondering if you were able to get the Edwards Inspiris Resilia prosthetic aortic valve at LGI?

I do horse riding and other sports and taking Warfarin would be very risky.

I spoke with a cardiologist at Sheffied and he was recommending the mechanical valve which would really impact my hobbies and it is a bit depressing.

Would like to know the name of your cardiologist if they do the replacement with the newer valve at Leeds.

Many thanks


Hi Johnny

How did things proceed for you? I hope that you don’t mind me asking but I am in a similar position to yourself - coincidently, I am cared for by the cardiology dept. at LGI. My bicuspid aortic valve is at the point of requiring replacement and I’ve gone down the same track of thinking as yourself and in principle, settled on the the Resilia Inspiris valve if possible. You mentioned that you heard that it was possible to get the valve at the LGI - did that prove possible for you?

I’d really appreciate any suggestions you might make.


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Hey Martin. Not sure if it helps in the wider scheme of this thread but I had the Inspiris in December at Guy's and St Thomas's in London? Seemed to be their preferred tissue option so I was happy! Also you can these days actively choose your hospital/surgeon even if it isn't the one local to you. Wasn't an issue for me as I was with GSTT anyway and very happy with it but perhaps worth knowing. But good luck whatever your "journey". I was basically at exactly your point this time last year so feel for what you're going through! But it's really been worth it. Nic x

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Hi I am in my 50's and go for my valve replacement in two weeks . So far it has been a difficult decision on type because like others I don't fancy another major surgery after 10 years when in I will be in my 60s so I was going to ask for the tinman option metalic valve . This new resilient valve does seem to be the better choice because even if it does start failing there is the valve in valve replacement potential through TAVI . From reading the literature on this site and other people's experiences my mind is made up to go for it . Thanks X. Before anyone asks why batchicken for a name it is chosen by my 3 year old grandson . Someone said it helps to get your family involved hmmm!!

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Good luck Batchicken! Sure it'll all go well for and you'll be out the other side and on the mend in no time. Keep us posted how you're doing if you feel up to it.

Nic x

Sorry for the delay in answering. I had mine done at Blackpool

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