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HI all first time posting so please excuse me if I am asking a daft question,, I had a heart attack in February with a troponin count of 42,000 and was told I was lucky to be here today which as scared me somewhat,they also said I may have HOCM and would need a MRI scan,well I went for scan but did not complete it because I was in pain and they thought I was having another attack.After a night spent in hospital I was allowed home as they said it was just muscle pain and that I would get another appointment for a scan in a weeks time,well that was back in may and im still waiting,the thing I want to know is how long should I have to wait,i feel like ive been discarded as the rehab nurse as discharged me after only seeing me twice ,I really don't know what I am supposed to do,i have,nt been given any advice about what to expect and im really scared....

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Have you spoken to your doctor as to your concerns about a new appointment?

Maybe he can give them a nudge.

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Hi basil57 yes spoke to my doctor 3 weeks ago and asked him to give them a nudge but still not heard anything,,i know hospitals are very busy but I just feel like no one is worrying but me, I also thought the rehab nurses would give me more support,

Hi Jen. It might be helpful to contact the scanner department to see where the appointment is. Also what about speaking to the consultant’s secretary? They may also be able to chase for you. You mention the rehab nurse. Have you been through cardiac rehab ? Go back to the rehab staff and say you are still waiting and concerned. The BHF have a helpline and may be able to offer further support as well. As Basil has said your GP should chase as well. Not a daft question but a real concern. Hope it gets sorted. Keep pestering. The ways of appointments in the NHS are a total mystery! Take care Zena

Hi jeninsea

Try not to be scared. The appointments are probably outsourced to another organisation and anything out of the ordinary- such as rescheduling a scan - is likely to 'break the system'. Usually the rehab nurses are very helpful but may be busy. Phone them - you may well need to leave a message for them to phone back - and ask for the details of the consultant's (or department's) secretary hopefully they will know the best way to unblock the system.

Good luck.

Have you had an angiogram or any other heart tests Jeninsea. If they are concerned I find it hard to believe that they haven't followed you up, and if it was a heart attack, then these tests would to me be the normal follow up. I would definitely be following this up.

Hi all,thanks for all the replies makes me feel better just knowing someone is helping,,yes it was a massive heart attack ,had a stent fitted on left side,dont really know anymore than that. When I went back for MRI was told the consultant who dealt with me has now moved up to Bristol hospital as for who has taken over I,ve no idea,the reason for the MRI was to inject some dye into me so could check my heart to see if I have HOCM but like I said did,nt quite get it done.I still feel a little discarded by the system, I tried ringing the hospital but just get told to wait for a appointment,,hense the questions on here,,,but once again thankyou all,,and I hope you are all well....

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