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I was diagnosed with blocked arteries in April 2017 following a variety of symptoms including chest pain and breathlessness. Not followed through by GPS for many months previously. Was operated on to have a Triple Bypass, but due to radiotherapy from 23 years ago pericardial sac lesions found so had 3 stents inserted instead. Have just had to have another stent inserted. Now trying to update Lloyds Bank package travel insurance. Also have mild to moderate Aortic Stenosis!!

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Hi Dave sounds as though you have been through the mill. Hope the stents are settling now and rehab has helped. Hope also you manage to sort your travel insurance as I suspect that will be an interesting challenge!! Take care. Zena

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Many thanks Zena. Re insurance it is already proving interesting!

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Lloyds don't offer Travel Insurance as part of their current account packages any more. We had it and it was cancelled at the end of the year, without telling us. I found out when I went to get a copy of the policy when going on holiday.

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If you have issues with insurance and are over 50 try StaySure. There is also a pinned post about insurance.

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Yes Michael will be trying them thanks.

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