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Multiple Issues

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Hi. I’m new.

I’m 46 and was diagnosed with familial HCM (Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy) 6 years ago. Since then I had an ICD fitted 4 years ago, 4 stays in ICU over 4 years also. I have now been diagnosed with SVT and AF. I cannot take beta blockers as I’m a chronic asthmatic. Been advised that I will undergo ablation for the AF in October. I take numerous drugs plus they have just started me on Apixaban. My question is due to the other conditions as well as AF will this make ablation more risky? I have been told I will be having a GA. Thanks

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Hi Kirstine,

Ablation procedures are carried out routinely on many people with a multitude of other medical conditions, but it's all very personal when it's happening to you!

Many people have this done under GA ,so be rest assured that any risks will be discussed in detail when you have a pre op assessment and you will get the opportunity to ask questions too as everyone's case is different. If you are able to speak to your cardiologist before the procedure,this should help to put your mind at rest too.

I hope I've helped.

Take Care,


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