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Now I have had my angiogram and digested the result I am no further forward.

I endured the pain of the wire getting clamped by spasms in veins, with multiple sedations and morphine it couldn't be budged forward. After struggling with my messed up arm for two days am now on antibiotics!

They only checked left side (LVD) before wire got trapped but it was absolutely fine, so much so it was decided to abandon rather than re-enter via another artery, then or in future. Good news but left hanging for outcome.

Sent home no meds, no follow up, nothing! Have another Echo in 6-7 weeks but feel uneasy as I am still getting pain, palpitations, tightness and breathlessness.

Guess it's wait and see...

Thanks to all for previous comments and reassurance.


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MilkfairyHeart Star

Perhaps ask for a second opinion from a specialist in Takosubo cardiomyopathy and heart failure such as Dr Lyon at the Royal Brompton


Could be angina, but echo can pick this up. I had triple bypass last year and reovered well until reently, similar symptoms to yours caused by meds.Go back and see GP and explain you are not happy about your current symptoms.

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