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A bit of encouragement needed


I have PAD and a little bit of CAD I have been pretty good over the last year or so re exercise and eating. But I am being a bit blown off course for the last few months.

My husband has just had a major op for Prostate cancer and I am finding it hard to concentrate on my needs. I do walk every day and most weeks I am okish on exercise.

I know I need to do it and know that it helps and that me being less well is no good for anyone.

Unfortunately, at 55 I know there are other nasties on their way and I hadn’t given any consideration how to handle it all together at the same time.

The cancer journey is also full of waiting for results, unexpected answers to questions I didn’t know I had. And this week we await an histology report. My husband is doing well and recovering well from his op. Thank goodness for the Wirkd Cup.

Sorry for the outpouring. But you guys need to get me in back in a forward gear even neutral would be better than reverse!

Thank you

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Hello Speakeazi, sorry to hear of your and your husbands health problems. If you are walking most days and doing some exercise sounds OK to me. I can understand you have more on your mind. My husband had a prostate operation for cancer too and it is an anxious time, but it has been more than 10 years ago and he is doing fine.

Sending best wishes and hope everything works out OK. Anke x


Hi Speakeazi

I can feel your pain, hang in there re the exercise i struggle some days but know my legs will be worse if i don't do my walking every day. I also have PAD severe block in iliac artery. My daughter borrowed me her fit bit this helps remind me to do the 250 steps every hour, it is also good at letting me know how fast my heart is beating. This warm weather is making it a little harder palpitations today. Keep steeping :) we will get there


Thank you. I finally got back on the bike yesterday and today and Friday I have training sessions at home. Trying to go back to eating better as well.

I hope you are taking care of yourself in this hot weather and staying out of it when you can!


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