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Hi All

A while ago I wrote about my husband who had a virus and was left with severe LVSD (23% output) and a cocktail of drugs to take. He had his first appointment yesterday with his cardiologist since he left hospital in February. He has had an MRI and showed significant improvement and reshape of the heart ( thickening has lessened)his heart function is 45-50% now and ecg was normal yesterday. So much so they are taking him off the amiodarone thank goodness, and have suggested the next step is ablation? The waiting list is six months and this is open for discussion and is an option. . Obviously this would negate the need for all of the drugs but carries risk and isn’t a guarantee for success. He will have to wait for the full facts but I suppose the question is, have you guys been through it, what was your experience and how effective did you find it? Of course everyone is diff rent but I find that this group are so helpful, and even if there’s advice on questions to ask at the appt that would be great. Thanks all x

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Hi Lynn

I had my ablation last Tuesday so far I feel less short of breath and it’s like a vibration has stopped within me had to explain but I think I’m better for having it done I hope this is of some help. Yes I have stopped my medication which was messing my up in other ways

Thank you for taking the time to respond. That’s really good of you. I’m glad you are feeling better. We have to weigh up the pros and cons I suppose and once we talk to the team at the hospital I think it’ll be better. Fear of the unknown ?!

Hi Lynn

That’s the best way to do it I wish you well 😎

Hi Lynn was interest in your post as I appear to have similar probs as your Husband. Can’t give you any advice as not medically trained (am a carpenter. By trade ) 😊, however can feel your pain as this illness is horrendous including the waiting for results which take weeks!! Wish you both well Dave

Hi he has actually made a really good recovery so take that as hope for you. It’s all about managing the condition and once the right combo is in place for you, you’ll find things will get a lot easier. This group on here are great as well. My hubby was “lucky” as they managed to get his meds right on first attempt. Good luck and keep me posted how you are 😀

Really pleased to hear such improvements and a relief for you both. Brilliant news. Take care. Zena x

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