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Myopericarditis - rest time/recovery

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Hi all,

I was diagnosed two weeks ago with myopericarditis - went to A&E with (very mild) chest pains and had an abnormal ECG (T wave inversion), high troponins and neutropenia so was admitted, given an angiogram/echocardiogram but both were clear so discharged after a few days with antibiotics, NSAIDs and “rest for a few weeks”

So, those weeks have passed, meds nearly finished and I have my follow ups booked for end June/July, but in the meantime I don’t know whether I’m supposed to continue resting, or whether I can do some light exercise, running etc. I didn’t really get much time to ask doctors at the hospital.

I feel fine in myself I do get very intermittent, slight chest pains from time to time but they disappear quite quickly.

Should I follow up with GP? The hospital? Or just rest completely until I can speak to the consultant ? That’ll be quite a few months of resting!

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Emily_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi oversteer80,

I am sorry to hear that you have been through this difficult time. I would recommend making an appointment to discuss your symptoms, your recovery and exercise with your GP. And remember that if you get chest pain do not hesitate to call 999 and call an ambulance.

Take care,


I have recently been in hospital with high Tropamin levels. Discharged 4 days later with Nstemi on my notes.

Heart Attack but it didn't feel like one.?

Hi, I was diagnosed with acute myopericarditis in October and spent just over 2 weeks in hospital. the recovery time seems to be 'how long is a piece of string'! and depends on severity of the infection and effect on the heart.

I would strongly recommend seeing your GP regularly to monitor your progress. \please don;t rush into exercise but also don't sit around and do nothing. It's a balancing act and overdoing it is not advised as you may suffer further chest pain, fatigue, breathelessness etc.

I now wear a fitbit and feel happier that I can monitor my heart, resting when I can see it is working too hard rather than waiting for chest pain to warn me!!!

I so hope you are making steady progress and things are looking up.

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SarahBeR in reply to HHH2017


I'm currently waiting for the results of a cardio MRI which will hopefully confirm a diagnosis of myopericarditis the symptoms of which I've been struggling with since Jan and I'm still not at work. I haven't been given any medication and I'm struggling with feeling like I'm on the edge of consciousness, tired, breathless, cold and so on. I've managed 2 walks round our local Aldi since Jan as I'm usually in a wheelchair. If I'm still and very quiet I can manage my symptoms. I feel lost and sad and I need to know it's not forever.

I'd thought about getting a fitbit, has it helped you?

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HHH2017 in reply to SarahBeR

Hi Sara, I'm so sorry to hear how difficult things are for you. It all sounds very familiar to me. I was in hospital in October and disagnosed whilst in there. In April I went to Disneyland Paris it was planned before I became ill and I was certain I'd be well by then but we had to hire a wheelchair for part of the time I was there as I could not cope with the walking.

What I used to find was that chest pains and breathelessness told me when to stop, rest, stop talking, walking etc but the fitbit has allowed me to see when my heart is struggling and so rest before I get to the chest pain signs.

Initially because of my heart rate the fitbit thought I was doing a cardio work out when I was walking very slowly- slower than my 80 year old mother in fact!!!

But I have been able to gradually watch this improve. Walking still registers as fat burn and cardio activity but it is gradually becoming more fat burn than cardio.

At Christmas walking 2 flights of stairs to get in my flat registered as a mountain bike ride - this now registers as walking but my heart is in the cardio range.

I find it comforting to be able to chaeck my heart rate when ever I want to. this might be when I feel a palpitation, feel breatheless or even sometimes when I thin 'Wow I don't feel so bad just now' : )

My son who is a PE teacher tells me the best thing is to mnitor how quickly my heart recovers from being in Cardio or fat burn mode and this is really improving. When I sit down now after walking my heart settles down much quicker and whilst I sleep it is really good : ) During the wait for scans and doctors or hospital appointments I have been able to see improvements - even though they have been slow and small steps for me it has really helped.

I hope this is of some use to you. I'm having a scan and seeing my consultant thursday of this week and I am hoping for good news re the reduction in swelling of my heart.

I was on meds initially Aspirin and Clopodrin (I think) but have not been on anything for the last few months. Best wishes. Jennie

Hey Guys, it’s been 10 months since you’ve posted how you were feeling. The same thing happened to me 4 months ago and I’m still very limited to a normal routine. How are you doing now? I was on Colchine for 3 months and I’m still on aspirine as I’m still having some sharp pain on my heart due to the weakness.

Hi there, how are you doing now? I'm on colchicine too, 4 weeks and like you I will take it for 3 months. I still have bad days when my heart races and pain in my chest. My anxiety about the whole thing doesn't help. They say it's a rare illness but I wish it hadn't come to any of us. I'm 71 but never seemed it before! Still, mustn't grumble, love is still good.

Should be life is good, silly spell checker...

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