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Myopericarditis recovery


Hello everybody, I was diagnosed with this scary heart issue in the middle of May, I had a very high troponin level of 2573. They did angiograd, my arteries are ok, mri showed inflammation on the heart muscle, I was hospitalized for one week and discharged with a drug called colchinine. Since this I have some new symptoms like cold sensation on my heart, rare heart pain, spasms, hot and cold sensations changing each other, palpitations, racing heart and a strong anxiety. For the anxiety I started taking propranolol. Can anybody tell me what is going on? I came to the hospital on the last saturday, they did two blood tests for troponin they were normal and chest x-ray was ok. I am worried because I have a history of heart problems in my family. Please help me. Does that 2573 result mean a serious damage to the heart?

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These are questions best answered by your cardiologist.

As KC says, you should speak to your cardiologist. Make a note of your questions and concerns and take this with you when you see your cardiologist. It’s often a good idea to take someone with you just in case you forget any of the answers. If you’re anxious and it’s a long time until your cardiologist appointment then see your GP.

Hi ,

I recently been through the same I was hospitalised twice with attacks caused my Myocarditis. One of my levels was 3678. I had a mri and eco on my heart and that attack had caused damage to one of my chambers . I was told it should mend naturally. I’m still wait for my outpatient with the consultant and have been transferred under Barts.

I am also on the same medication along with blood pressure and beta blockers medication.

Hello Tamas, I was hospitalised with myopericarditis in March and am still in recovery. I also felt the racing heart and strong anxiety. Propranolol was no help. My GP prescribed Pregabalin for the anxiety and this has made a big difference to the racing heart and strong anxiety. I still have chest pains caused by the myopericarditis and am waiting for a second MRI scan to see the current extent of the inflammation.

I’m convinced that my anxiety levels were higher due to the physical aspects of the myopericarditis (as well as the mental trauma), and so far am very grateful that the pregabalin is helping with that.

As for the numbers, well let’s just say it’s a numbers game. My troponin was 3,000. I don’t think you can say ‘below this number means no permanent damage, above this number means permanent damage’. Time will tell but wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

Are you having sharp chest pains during the recovery?


And sometimes palpitations as well when the heart is under use? Like fast walking?


I still feel crippled and I am pretty sure that my heart muscle was damaged but my cardiologist keeps saying that everything is fine and she discharged me. I am literally thinking that I will not make it too long with this heart. Nobody tells me anything about the damage and the high troponin level.

It did seem to be getting slowly better, then I caught a cold / sore throat, and the chest pains and tiredness have got a lot worse again.

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