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Turmeric Supplement


I am 82 years old with a Pacemaker fitted last year. I now need to regain my fitness in order to continue with gardening & golf (and life in general) I see Sir Michael Caine has been taking (and recommends) a "turmeric supplement" for 30 years. In addition has a memory like a computer. Any body else taking Curcumin Capsules ? Will this help me regain my lost years ?

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all supplements should be taken with caution if you are already taking prescription medication, if so check with your Dr. for any interactions.

derekfirman36 in reply to bowler

Thanks bowler. I will take your advice & speak to my Dr.

I’m not sure anything can help you regain your lost years but there are things that might help you feel better. Turmeric has certainly had a lot of positive press over the past couple of years but I’m not sure how many proper clinical studies have been conducted on it. I’m going to go with Bowler and say just check with your GP first and make sure it’s not going to mess around with your medication before you start taking it. It’s probably fine but better to be safe than sorry.

I agree, must be careful ! Will check with my Dr.

I have followed the amazing Tumeric User Group UK and made GP ( golden paste) and taken this for a couple of years now. I had a valve and artery replacement 7 month ago and, had to stop the Turmeric while I was on blood thinners after a clot developed but am back on it now.

The benefits are endless but please go to the group and get advice and, talk to your doctor it's not as straightforward as popping a pill

Thanks for your comment. can you give me details of the group.

Turmeric User GroupUK. Any problems just let me know

Thanks. I have made contact and can see that I have much to learn and understand before asking my Dr's advice.

It's amazing, good luck

Cobra2018 in reply to Madgranny2

I also follow this Facebook group which has the Golden Paste recipe and lots of advice and support.

Tumeric can make the effect of drugs such as clopidogrel stronger so not a good idea if you are on this anti-platelet drug!

derekfirman36 in reply to MelB51

Thanks. No I do not take these drugs. Still learning before contacting my Dr.

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