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After my hiccup, Now BP issues 🙄 ♥ Will I ever get back to normal 😔

As most of u know I had a slight hiccup in my recovery (after open heart surgery) just over a week ago sudden onset of AF/Atrial flutter non at all before the op.

No symptoms of any condition before the op.

My cocktail of drugs has now been increased even more from zero medication before my surgery to probably 15 tablets through the day.

However my heart rate is now lower than post surgery (before surgery resting pulse 55-60) post surgery high 90 at rest!!!! 😮

After the hiccup pulse is now between 60-70

Sometimes lower which would be normal for me .

However my Blood pressure is now somewhere in my boots!!! 😮 BP is very low (taken by two separate monitors) for example 85/51. Sometimes lower sometimes slightly higher, but not wat I would consider normal !!!! Why was I discharged if not stable.

As far as I can make out I'm taking at least 4 tablets that all reduce blood pressure!!

Feel light headed, dizzy 😵 weak tired my exercise post surgery is suffering after the hiccup which I think will slow down recovery 😲

Has anyone else had these issues?

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Hi, my hubby had HA 2016 and is on 2 tablets to lower his BP. This morning he is feeling light headed and dizzy. We believe his BP is low so he is just resting today. Waiting to hear from hospital as he wore ECG monitor for 5 days to see if they can find any problems. It is a nightmare getting to speak to or see a GP. He was feeling very similar a few weeks ago and it took hours to get his BP done by doctor and of course it had returned to normal. Hope you can get your problem sorted out soon.


Hi Big T, doesn't sound right at all.

What are you taking drug wise? Some, even though they state lower blood pressure have other uses, beta blocker for example, used for abnormal heart rhythms as well. 85/51 is hopeless, no wonder you feel exhausted all the time, mine, after my new drug, hovers around the 100/60 I am going to bed before my 22 month old grandson currently. Have you a follow up appointment with the cardiologist?




Hi I'm taking diuretics to reduce post surgery odeama which lower BP. Post surgery

A tablet given for BP Post surgery which again lowers BP.

Beta blocker new medication given after hiccup 2x tablets at different strength!!! Which slows heart and also lowers BP.

The other new med which I'm not sure actually need after the hiccup and irratic heart beat and intermittent AFlu, anti coagulation which thins blood but also lowers BP!

BP taken just now 90/58

Think thats clinically classed as hypotension.

O2sats94% not too low.

I am seeing my surgeon again tomorrow for a check up so I'm going to address my concerns tomorrow.

I don't think I can function or get back to work with my BP so low 😕

It's a bit early yet I know to think about work. I'm only just over 5 weeks post op and still also having post op pain in top of sternum but it's bearable.


I would agree with you, no way you can get back to work currently. 5 weeks is still early but you do need the BP and the AF looked at.

good luck tomorrow


Write your concerns down and take them with you when you go to see the surgeon. That way you won't forget anything.


👍Thanks I will let you know what happens.

I had no issue with BP or rhythms before my operation all was fine!

Even though I had a very severe leaking valve and severe regurgitation 🤔


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